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Ashely Furniture has refused to deliver my furniture in a new condition without any defects:
-my bedroom set has a possibly deadly chemical smell
-the desk chair has a defective leg and has been delivered twice with the same defect

Ashley refuses to honor an exchange for non-chemical smelling pieces  because of the complaint regarding the furniture that is defective and has been paid for in full
-per Kylie  in the legal department, ashley does not have to give me any explanations as to why, but ashley can refuse to deliver or exchange to any customer if they so choose to

Ashley wants to only give a refund of the purchase price for the furniture that I purchased during an advertised sale (25 million dollar inventory sell off)  and that I can either go back into the store and re-purchase the same furniture at regular price or I can purchase furniture from any other store of my choice.

Charles Blackwell, salesman, says that I should leave him out of this mess and the store manager, Steve, refused to help as well

Consumer relations and Kylie form the legal team at ashley industries refuses to help even though they are the manufacturers of the furniture themselves and Justin Lucas in Woodbridge states that he has the final say, who I only only dealt with because he begged me to let him help me including making an exchange for more because he stated he has done that for other customers. 

Ashley Furniture is demanding the return of the remaining furniture minus the pieces they took possession of under false pretense that I purchased in full in June because I complained within 24 hours of a chemical smell on the bedroom set.  A smell that could have been deadly as I am on oxygen 24 hours per day.  My bedroom has an oxygen concentrator, which recycles the air in the room and then goes directly into my lungs

1)  these are discriminatory practices against a woman of color and against a disabled woman
2)  these are fraudulent, unethical, and unprofessional actions by the personnel from Ashley Furniture and Ashley Industries
3)  it is outright theft as the furniture that was taken from my home is being held hostage and has therefore been stolen from me without my permission and is VIOLENCE AGAINST A WOMAN JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY CAN
4)  Ashley Furniture sent a technician to my home and placed my life in danger because he apparently was a plant in an attempt to obtain the furniture and even after he told me what he was going to tell Justin Lucas from Woodbridge, (to remove all of the furniture, air out a new set, and return it all to me), Justin from Woodbridge refused to replace the furniture but has instead been badgering me in a disrespectful and unprofessional manner for a forced removal of the pieces left behind and to force me to accept a refund that I don't want.  I want the same furniture that I purchased twice as a repeat customer (first set lost after the ceiling collapsed in my apartment).  My whole house has Ashley Furniture and none of the pieces including the first Hamlyn set ever smelled like the bedroom pieces!  Nor have any of my past purchases had defects, which is why I became a repeat customer.  I have several other pieces of the Hamlyn set in my home that don't have that same smell and also have a friend who has some Hamlyn pieces that don't have that smell.

Justin Lucas sent me an email indicating that I could get the exchange and provided me with dates (7/5 or 7/6) and then changed his mind after becoming irritated because of my complaint.

After Ashley has taken over $15,000 dollars from me in cash, they no longer want to honor an exchange for the defective pieces on one of their most popular bedroom sets(per Justin Lucas and their technician) because I tried to have it exchanged for the same pieces without a chemical smell that could have resulted in harm to me.  Their technician also smelled the chemical smell and others have also smelled it.


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