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Stop Anti-Hate Muslim Hate Crimes

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Hate crimes towards Muslim are caused by Islamophobia, the fear of Islam, and although with terrorist groups that came from there it makes sense. To harm everyday Muslims in America is unjust, prejudice and just plain ignorance. Islamophobia has existed since the tensions that started between the territories in the 1950's and has recently risen to 197% in 2016. That is a dramatic rise, and attacks have become more painful through targeting both the religion and the people. For example, four mosques were burned withing seven weeks in 2017. Furthermore, there have been other painful stories, ‘Earlier this year, a woman sat down on a bench by the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. recorded herself making a confession.“I’ve been keeping a secret and I can’t do it anymore,” she said. “My name is really not Amy. It’s Elhan. I am a practicing Muslim, and I’ve been leading a double life”’. In California, we need to protect people's religious liberties and identity's so that they don't have to live a double life just to feel safe. This petition would allow a bill to be passed. 

SB 31

This bill would prevent a state or local agency, or a public employee from participating in a federal program to create a database based on a person’s religious beliefs, practice or affiliation, national origin, or ethnicity, for law enforcement or immigration purposes. It would also prevent the state and local law enforcement agencies from collecting information on the religious beliefs, practices, or affiliations of an individual. The bill prohibits the use of state and local resources to create a religious database and would terminate any existing agreements that make any agency or department information or database available in conflict with these provisions.


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