Stop Anti-Blackness On Linkedin

Stop Anti-Blackness On Linkedin

7 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Daniel Mwambonu

Hi Linkedin Family,

I woke up to the news that my account has been restricted on Linkedin with at least 16,000 followers under unclear circumstances.

I submitted an appeal only for it to be automatically rejected by Linkedin Algorithm.

There are countless complaints which have been raised by Black Creators on Linkedin expressing concerns on growing and rising anti-Blackness on Linkedin.

Linkedin has been targeting outspoken Black Creators and frustrating Black Businesses or organizations. 

Reference: The Ongoing Evidence That LinkedIn is Censoring Black Creators

LinkedIn, White Supremacy, and the Raging War for Change

Many Black Creators have had their accounts restricted and their engagements substantially reduced on Linkedin and this must come to an end!

Please sign up this petition demanding that Linkedin ends Anti-Blackness on Linkedin and restores my account immediately!

Here is the link to  my account:


I am the CEO for Black Mental Health Matters Inc, a non profit organization registered in Texas which provides free mental health resources  to Linkedin community each Saturday as our show airs on Linkedin.

I am also the President of United States of Africa ,a non profit corporation in Texas with a mission to unify the African states and people of African descent.

Over the years I have built authentic audience on Linkedin as a Black Creator and harnessed the power of Linkedin to recruit volunteers to advance the organization mission.

I have also been creating educational content ,promoting the true history of Africa something which has enabled me build a strong supportive community on Linkedin.

Black Mental Health Matters show heavily relies on Linkedin for volunteers and with this restriction it wont be possible to continue airing on Linkedin.

The following are organization pages which are directly impacted by this unjustified restrictions.

Black Mental Health Matters

United States of Africa


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Signatures: 1,666Next Goal: 2,500
Support now