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STOP animals being slaughtered for food!

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Over 56 BILLION animals are slaughtered for us humans to consume as food. It's shocking because the large number does not even include fish and sea creatures. It is incredibly cruel and unjust. Animals have a central nervous system, which means they can feel the pain of being slaughtered. They would be in extreme pain when being brutally murdered.  I am only a 13 year old, but i have already come to the realization that killing animals is just not right. I know it's only small, but I had become vegetarian. It's very simple and easy, and I believe that everyone could do it. There are plenty of other sources of which you could get the same nutrients from meat. Slaughterhouses are inhumane and brutal. They kill chickens by slicing their neck, and the chickens would then have to continue bleeding, until they lose too much blood then die. They would kill chicks if they're not female (as they cannot produce eggs) by grinding them. They kill larger animals such as sheep, cows, kangaroos, horses and pigs by hanging them or beating them with a bat. These poor animals have absolutely no say in the matter, or any say in their life. Honestly, if slaughterhouses had glass windows, then no one would be eating meat. They are atrocious and for the better of the world, limit the amount of meat you consume or completely cut it off like I have done. It honestly does not effect your health in bad ways. It can actually extend your life span by up to 12%. Please help these suffering animals. They are not worthless and should be valued by everyone. <3

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