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Stop Animal Torture for Human Pleasure!

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In a weird and unnecessarily cruel move, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently classified personal lubricant products -- or lube, for short -- as “medical devices,” on a par with powered wheelchairs and some pregnancy tests. Because of this, lube manufacturers are now required to test on animals. This means injecting the product into the private areas of rabbits and guinea pigs, killing them, then examining their corpses for signs of irritation. Needless to say, this decision is inhumane and must be stopped.

Of course, human safety is of utmost importance, but here’s the catch -- according to PETA, 92% of drugs that pass tests on animals fail in humans because they either end up being dangerous or simply don’t work. Their anatomies are not like ours. Rabbits, in particular, are so often chosen for this torturous testing, but it turns out that their reproductive organs contain fewer specialized cells than human reproductive organs, and results of this particular personal lubricant testing on them will in no way guarantee similar results in people.

We need to end this needless torture. Please sign our petition urging the FDA to reverse its decision requiring that lubricant products be tested on animals.

An alternative exists, and one lube company even petitioned the FDA to let it use this method instead (the FDA denied its request): testing these products on cultured human cells in a petri dish would be as predictive, if not more predictive, of human safety than animal tests, and much less expensive. So what reason does the FDA have to insist on the maiming and killing of thousands of animals? It simply isn’t right.

Please join us in demanding that the U.S. FDA reverse its decision requiring cruel animal testing on lube products.

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