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Animals are being slaughtered for food, sacrifice as well for religious purpose, where as toothless the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 needs replacement at once, to stop animal abuse.

- Abhishek Kadyan, HAWO

Letter to
HE The Governor of Haryana
Hon'ble Member of Parliament
(Animal Husbandry & Dairying) Deputy Director, Intensive Cattle Project, Kurukshetra
and 17 others
Punjab and Haryana High Court Hon'ble Mr. Chief Justice
State Police Complaint Authority (SPCA) , Haryana
The Secretary, Ministry of Home affairs
District Committee for Slaughter Houses SP cum Member
Urban Local Bodies, Haryana The Principal Secretary cum Chairman
Supreme Court of India Hon'ble Mr. Chief Justice
District Committee for Slaughter Houses DC cum Chairman
Animal Welfare Board of India
Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
HE The President of India
The Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Haryana
Hon'ble Lokayukta of Haryana
HE The Vice President of India, New Delhi.
Urban Local Bodies Haryana
State Committee for Slaughter Houses (Govt. of Haryana) Naresh Kadyan, Member
Haryana State Animal Welfare Board
Rajya Sabha Committee for Petitions
The Punjab and Haryana High Court has made it clear that the Kurukshetra Deputy Commissioner has to ensure the implementation of an order against the sale of non-vegetarian food items in the holy city.
The directions by Justice Ranjit Singh of the High Court came on a civil writ petition filed by Jai Bhagwan against the state of Haryana and other respondents.
After going through the contents of the petition and hearing the contentions raised by Jai Bhagwan’s counsel, Justice Ranjit Singh asserted: “The petitioner has already filed a representation with the Deputy Commissioner, Kurukshetra.
“Primarily, it will be the responsibility of the Deputy Commissioner to ensure the implementation of the order and see that no non-vegetarian items are sold in the holy city of Kurukshetra.”
Refusing to directly intervene in the matter at the current stage, Justice Ranjit Singh asserted: “At this stage, no case for invoking writ jurisdiction is made out”.
But before parting with the order, Justice Ranjit Singh added: “The Deputy Commissioner may look into the same (Jai Bhagwan’s representation) and take appropriate action in accordance with law. The writ petition is accordingly disposed of”.
The petitioner, through his counsel, Karamveer Singh Banyana, had contended that the sale of meat and liquor was banned within the municipal limits of the holy city. Yet, the prohibitory orders were being violated with impunity.
FIR No. 114 dated 15-2-2013 was lodged by Naresh Kadyan, member of State Committee for Slaughter Houses (Govt. of Haryana) with the Kurukshetra City Police station against Saffron and Heritage hotels along with the meat supplier but local Police imposed only 188 IPC on the vehicle driver, where as hotel Saffron and Heritage owners, managers are not yet arrested, why IPC 120-B read with IPC 295 was not yet imposed on all offenders?. The United Nations affiliated International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA chapter in India and People for Animals (PFA) Haryana asked Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police,Kurukshetra to ensure the strict compliance of the orders passed by the Hon'ble High Court about ban on illegal slaughtering and non vegetarian food supply with in the holy city of Pehowa and Kurukshetra. We further demand immediate arrest of both hotel Saffron and Heritage owners after imposing IPC 295 and 120-B along with the cancellation of vehicle Registration No. HR65- 7447 otherwise OIPA in India media adviser Abhishek Kadyan and PFA Haryana programme director Sukanya Kadyan will be compelled to move contempt of court petition in the Punjab and Haryana High court.
It would be pertinent to mention here that Naresh Kadyan placed all the evidences against Saffron hotel before the State Committee for Slaughter Houses on February 14, 2013. The District Administration promoting said tainted hotels on their websites, where as these hotels needs to be blacklisted, pets are also not allowed in the hotels like Hotel Mezbaan Regency, why it is so?, where as trains are crossing from the Municipal limits of Kurukshetra then how you will stop non vegetarian foods in their pantry car, like wise Aeroplane are also flying in the sky of Kurukshetra and Pehowa, where as non vegetarian foods and liquor are being served in the International flights, which needs attention.
Matter has been taken up with the HE the President of India Secretariat vide No. PRSEC/E/2013/03613,Ministry of Home Affairs bearing No. MINHA/E/2013/00404, Harsamadhan No. URBAN/E/2013/00006 and Urban Local Bodies Haryana No. G007121310.
The Ministry of Home Affairs observations:
As the subject matter of the petition pertains to the State Govt., the same has been forwarded to the Chief Secretary, Government of Haryana, Chandigarh for appropriate action and sending a suitable reply to the petitioner vide Ministry of Home Affairs letter No.20011/13/2013-Coord.II dated 04.03.2013. The petitioner is requested to take up the matter directly with the State Government. G007121311 - There are so many trains entering in the municipal area of Kurukshetra carrying non vegetarian foods in their pantry cars, like wise many International flights are also crossing the air space of the said area with non vegetarian foods and wine, alcohol. Being an non official member of the State Committee for Slaughter Houses asked the Member Secretary to please direct the concerned officials for prompt action and report. It is further requested to please direct SP / DC / SHO of Kurukshetra to arrest Saffron and Heritage hotel owners in FIR No. 114 dated Feb 15, 2013. Later MacDonald in Kurukshetra was also caught with non vegetarian food but no action against them as well.
Hon'ble Mr. Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India - Punjab and Haryana High Court may kindly treat this mail as Public Interest Litigation - PIL in the interest of public at large.

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