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Animal hoarding is cruel and wrong, it needs to be stopped.

Animal Hoarding is a form of animal cruelty. People that do this may think they are helping by bringing the animals in, but in reality they are actually causing more harm. Animals are not properly taken care of, they may have many problems. Some of these problems may be lack of food, unsanitary enviornment, and no veterinary care. People that hoard animals usually are put into three cateragories; The overwhelmed caregiver, the rescuer hoarder, and the exploiter hoarder. People that usually do this are mentally ill and need help.

Animal hoarding is a horrible thing, there are about 3,500 cases a year. Also about 250,000 animals of all kinds are affected. Many of those animals do not survive when there are involved in a case of hoarding. There are also many cases that go unreported. Animals would be better off in a shelter where they get proper food and water.

Animals all around are in hoarding cases. This problem is everywhere, all around the world, in your state, or even your city. By signing this petition you might be able to help protect animals from being hoarded in the state of Michigan. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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