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aimals are just like people they do have feelings and the can be loving creatures depending on how you treat them. some ani als are skined alive for there fur then thrown in a pile alive still breathing and in pain. the fur coats and sweaters you wear had a face and living breathing body once. you may thing that your rabbit fur coat is actually rabbit but did you know that it could also come from the fur of puppys. puppys and dogs all need to live think if you were a dog or cat would you want to be skined alive for a silly person to look good while wearing you if we all stand up and speak up for the ones who cangt we would make a big impact in the lives of those innocent little creatures we love so much. we love our skin if you dont them make a coat out of it not fur. have you ever wanderd why its illigal to kill someone for there skin but people can kill animals for there fur without any problem. lets put an end to that.

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stop killing animals just for there fur they have no reason to be killed

animlas have no voice so we need to speak for them. Take the time to think what if you were an anminal caged up and about to be killed just so people can wear your fur.the lables may say rabbit fur but most of fur used is cat and dog fur. If you dont want to be killed for your skin dont kill animals for there fur. why is it illigal for a human to kill someone for there skin but its ok for people to kill animals and make clothing out of there fur.if you think its right then i want to know why


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