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RE: Oscar R Villatoro 

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to start by saying I am so appreciative that you are taking the time to consider this letter in regards to my husband’s immigration case. We are in such a desperate situation as he is currently being detained in a Spanish Fork jail and will be immediately deported to Central America. My husband has been in the United States since a young age as a minor for 21 years, and we have been legally married for 11 years, and have 4 beautiful children together (Celina – age 10, Oscar Jr. – age 9, and identical twin girls, Skylar and Madison – ages 7). IF THEY DEPORT MY HUSBAND TO NICARAGUA, IT WILL FORCE MY FOUR YOUNG CHILDREN AND I TO MOVE TO NICARAGUA, TOO. I am scared to death to do so, but I know the negative impact of living without their father is much greater than the negative impact of being forced to live in a poor, dangerous, and foreign country. However, it is a horrible thought to live in this country as me and my children have never set foot in another country in our entire lives. Even my husband knows nothing of his native country, Nicaragua and barely remembers life there as a child. But it must be known to everyone I send this letter in desperation to, that if my husband is deported, then immigration is deporting 5 other people, 5 AMERICAN CITIZENS as well.

My husband has relentlessly fought to be in the United States and has fervently tried to become a citizen of this country; the only country he knows and loves. Yet, because of a mishap with a previous attorney whom failed to file the correct briefing to the Board of Immigration Appeals and furthermore failed to file the proper immigration paperwork to have me petition his citizenship through marriage, we are in a dire situation as my husband has been in jail for 4 months and is now being prepared for deportation. I have been informed that there is “nothing that can be done” and this advisement of impossibility will not deter me from making his story known, as this is an outrage to justice and moral aptitude. My husband and myself and my children have been suffering through this, I lost a recent pregnancy due to the stress of this situation, I have struggled to work and sustain our family without my husband’s support and am failing miserably to do so, my studies in Forensic Psychology as a graduate student obtaining my Master’s degree is declining rapidly, and my children and I, as well as my husband, are suffering from depression and anxiety over this detrimental and dilapidating situation. I can only hope that someone can view this case, see a man who has been a wonderful contribution to his family’s life, with no criminal history, with an impeccable work history, and try to help our cause as the clock is ticking and legal means of stopping this process are apparently halted in some regard. I feel a duty as a citizen of the United States, a current student of law, and of course, a loving wife and mother to his children to make my plea somehow to any public officials whom have the authority to overlook this case and see past the stringent legal setbacks that are preventing a family from being together as we belong.

If I may, I would like to quickly introduce myself and then I will move on to a quick synopsis of my life with your defendant, Oscar Rolando Villatoro, and a brief description of the exceptional man that he is. My name is Jeannette Villatoro and I have been in a relationship with Mr. Villatoro for 13 years and have been married to him for 11 amazing years. Because of him, and his amazing support and love and giving nature and positive role in our family, I have been able to graduate and move on to my dream of obtaining my doctorate. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA while raising our four young children at home (Celina – age 10, Oscar Jr. – age 9, and our identical twin girls Madison Ava and Skylar Mia – ages 7….and we were excitedly expecting a baby due December 25, 2012, but sadly lost the pregnancy during his incarceration).              


I myself am a citizen of the United States, born in Bakersfield and raised in Orange County California. I met Oscar when I was 19 years old in 1999 and immediately fell in “admiration” of him. He was then in process of trying to become a resident of the U.S. legally although I had no idea about immigration matters and the unspeakable hardships he faced in doing so. All I knew is that he had a light of life that was comparable to mine, but with so much more fever and focus on his future and such a love for this country that I lacked as a naturally born citizen. I learned so much from him, and I settled down quite a bit in life and we soon fell in love. 2 years later we married and were expecting our first child Celina. We both shared very conventional and traditional views of raising children (as two people who grew up without a father, there was a steadfast determination to have a strong family unit in place for our own children). We were unwavering in the belief that our family deserved a mother raising her children without babysitters or daycare, and from the day we learned we were to have a child, he became the sole provider of our family and continued this throughout our marriage for 11 years until the day he was taken into custody four month prior to this letter you have received. This allotted our dream of me being a stay-at-home mother to be realized. As a young married couple with numerous struggles and four children, he continued to persevere and become a success as he provided the financial support we needed as I provided the nurture and care while continuing my education. His loyalty, honor, and extreme commitment to us have been my motivation to follow in success and my love for him has grown from immature love to an unbreakable love that is stronger than any imaginable words could convey. Oh, I just agonized about his immigration situation and still do! His immigration troubles have been so unfair even though he has always done the right thing. He was born in Nicaragua, but sent here by his mother after his father was terrorized by the Sandistas, a communistic army of sorts who threatened many families and recruited young boys over the age of 14 to join this army and contribute to their violent murders and terrorization. Oscar’s mother sent him here with a false name and younger age in order to protect her son, as his last name of Villatoro was well known because his father was an activist against this horrific Sandistas group. Although Oscar was sent here with a false name, he begged his Uncle, whom he was sent to California to live with and be raised by, to allow him to correct his name with Immigration. His uncle refused, as he knew it would be devastating to Oscar’s immigration case. However, being the honorable and morally conscience person my husband is, my husband Oscar alerted the immigration office of the truth and declared his real name, his love for this country, and his desperation to honorably earn a citizenship status. He suffered the consequence of incarceration, but fought his case, overseen by Honorable immigration judge Gary D. Buckholder in El Paso, Texas and was released a year later. And during our marriage, I began to understand the turmoil and hardship he faced to work and live here as a citizen at heart while waiting for word that he “can stay” in the place he calls home. In 2006, after the birth of our identical twin girls, after 6 years of marriage, and four children together, the judge shocked us with a decision to send him back to his country under involuntary departure. We immediately had a huge interest from the media after reaching out to news agencies with our story, which led to us hiring an interested attorney to appeal, and we also were months away from moving to Utah to start a better life for our children. We were taken for thousands of dollars by this attorney and just learned recently of his warrant to be removed and the neglect to file correct papers despite our payments to this attorney of exorbitant fees; as we honestly had the impression an appeal was still underway all of this time until present. We have never received any notifications, receipts for filings, or briefing copies of any appeal made for our case, and now have not been able to contact this attorney regarding this mess.

No one could possibly admire the position we are in legally speaking and the process in which to pursue legal matters as I, being a Summa Cum Laude graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social and Criminal Justice, and a current student of Forensic Psychology while also beginning the phases of pursuing my life-long dream of obtaining my Juris Doctorate. Law is my passion, rivaled only by my passion for human behavior. So you see, I understand upholding the law is of crucial importance. However, I implore that you please take my letter into consideration before he is ripped away from his loving family whom is entirely; emotionally and financially and all matters otherwise, completely and hopelessly dependant on him. He is not a criminal, he is not a deceiving human being, he is not an illegal alien committing illegal acts or taking advantage of this country. He is a wonderful man, an incredible and loving father and impeccable role model to our four children. He is the head of our household, our sole provider, our giver of love and our everything. Without him, there IS NO US. Without him, there is a trail of broken hearts and a broken family to follow.

Since this recent debacle, I have been working full time at an insufficient job, going to school, and trying to raise our four children through this nightmare along with fighting for my husband’s life. Despite me soliciting the help from our government services in Utah, we are not doing well and all of our utilities are being disconnected, I lost our car, and I am exhausted due to the stress and loss of pregnancy. However, it is not just our finances and well being that are at stake if he’s gone or imprisoned. It’s our livelihood, the life within us, our desire to keep going. My children and I haven’t been apart from Oscar for this long in our entire, wonderful 13 years together, and it is slowly dissipating our hearts and our wills and our souls. This sounds dramatic, I know, but I am so determined to express to you the very nature of his existence to us and how loving and whole our family was.

Currently, he is being held in the Spanish Fork jail for an I.C.E hold and has been incarcerated for 4 months. He is now under the direct and impending threat of immediate deportation without recourse. His children and I have been miserable, have been struggling, and Oscar has been suffering as he is incarcerated with murderers, child molesters, and other alleged criminals. We cannot live without my husband; it has been torture. Our family is being ripped apart and for what, we do not understand. This man deserves to be in this country and the emergency we are in does not allow sufficient time to fight his messy immigration case before he is forced to go back to a country he doesn’t remember, has not ties to, has no family in, and fled from due to a threat to his safety from the Sandistas radical murdering communistic party. He wanted to be a deserving citizen of the United States so badly that before meeting me, he endured a year of immigration jail versus being sent back to a country he barely remembers and fears to be in. I promise you this and I know in my heart and beg for your agreement, that sometimes, there are real and commendable exceptions in life, and in people, that exist despite the incredulous circumstances that you may have light of before you. And I guarantee that this is certainly one of them.

I am sending this letter in desperation to the immigration office in which charges were placed upon him, to the governor, as well as several news agencies hoping they will take interest in our story. I must go public with this to save my husband and our family.

I am attaching photos of our family, and I hope you can see through this unfortunate situation that is in your hands and that if the right decision is made, although it may be a risky decision on your part, will change the lives of 6 people forever in such a tremendous and positive way that will be the complete alternative to what destruction will happen to these 6 lives if the easier, more stock decision in this case is made against my husband’s favor. Thank you so much for reading this, and please, remember our faces as you decide on his case. I promise you will hear amazing things about this man and how he continued to fight for his right to be in this country and he will, I promise you, eventually make you so proud. PLEASE HELP HALT THIS DEPORTATION AS 6 LIVES WILL BE UNDOUBTEDLY, UNIQUIVACLY, AND UNREPAIRABLY RUINED.



Jeannette Villatoro



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