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Stop Alt-Right Nazi "Patriot Prayer" San Francisco Aug. 26th

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So you may have heard that the Nazis have been granted a permit for their "Patriot Prayer." in San Francisco on August 26th, 2017. Contacting the NPS and letting them know that a white supremacist rally in SF is not OK. Nazi salutes and hate speech are protected by the first amendment so you'll want to emphasize the threat of actual violence above all else because that's what's going to get their permit revoked. SF is a beloved city of mine as I have friends and family there, and know many others who do. A city such as SF is known for the being more liberal and loving, not a place for an Alt-Right Nazi rally. 

Please feel free to contact the reps below and use/modify the following template to be relevant to you.

Hi, I’m calling/writing because I’ve been informed that a white supremacist group has been granted a permit for their "Patriot Prayer" Rally at Crissy Field in San Francisco on August 26. As a long-time Bay Area resident, I'm calling/writing to request your department to revoke this permit. We do not want a repeat of the violence that happened in Charlottesville in the Bay Area, and I don’t believe that SFPD has the resources to contain this violence and keep the public safe.
White supremacists have the explicit aim to harm anyone who is not white, Christian or straight and we've already seen the violence they brought to Berkeley. I don't want any more innocent Bay Area residents to get hurt by these hateful people. White supremacists have no place in San Francisco and the NPS should not be co-signing their activities.

-- Please, CALL and EMAIL these National Park Service officials today and let them know racism and hate speech shouldn't get a platform in our public parks.

-George Durgerian, Special Events & Beach Fires
(415) 561-4302
-Sintia Kawasaki-Yee, (on assignment and not checking voicemail.)
-General NPS line: 415-561-4300
-Melinda Moses, Large Events north of Golden Gate Bridge
(415) 561-4301
-Katie Beltrano, Outdoor Ceremonies, Small Picnics
(415) 561-4373

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