Stop Allowing Boundary Mill Throw Away Perfectly Good Food / Completely Recyclable Items.

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Boundary Mill is a large and successful business and being large and successful you would think that they would put their profits to good use for example by spending a small amount on the environment, whether that may be reducing energy costs with solar panels or by reducing food waste and by recycling as much as possible. I'm afraid that you would be 100% wrong. They don't use solar panels, they waste huge amounts of food waste and they don't recycle anything other than cardboard.

I spoke with the managers to discuss their environmental impact and if they change their ways not only would it help the planet but it would also increase their profits. So, I kept badgering them that the way which the business was being run wasn't acceptable as it wasn't sustainable. When they had finally had enough of me they started to do something, they have now started to think about the environment and that's it. The impact which they cause however still doesn't interest them which is abysmal. 

I recently visited the coffee shop and found out that instead of throwing away clean and unused condiments when the trays get sent off to be cleaned and the tables were wiped. They place them on a separate tray still at the back and at the end of the all of the clean/unused condiments get returned to the front so that the next day they can be used. I think they deserve an applause for that long and awaited task because it must have been a very hard decision for them to make.

What Boundary Mill must change!

However, now we move onto the major problem and that is that they are still disposing of fully recyclable plastic bottles/sandwich packets (both are plastic number 1 (PET) those tiny milk portions are also sent to landfill! They are also disposing of napkins which could be easily composted and if that isn't possible/financially viable for them then why not provide serviettes which can be washed and then re-used, there is no excuse.

Talking about sandwiches the amount they throw away is unimaginable. I only saw by chance as I left just before it was going to close and I was pretending to look at something at the entrance to the coffee shop where I saw a young gentleman taking a large black plastic bin liner to the counter where the sandwiches are kept and cooled and I saw him emptying the whole stand into the bag, there must have been a minimum of 40+ there was that many that the bag ripped all the way through. I was that disgusted that they were throwing away so many edible sandwiches I went over to ask them why are they getting rid of them all and they said "Becuase today is the last day before the Best Before Date" So I asked if I could have one and they said yes which was quite nice of them so thank you and you know what, it was still lovely the next day when I had it for my lunch. When I saw them tipping the sandwiches into the bag the only thing which was going through my mind was why would you do that when there are starving people all over the world and wasn't the worst thing, the worst thing was that they weren't recycling the outer packaging which the sandwiches where in they were just throwing them straight into the bin.

very simple yet very effective way which would stop most of the sandwiches from being binned would be to place all the sandwiches which were about to go past their Best Before Date by up to a couple of days onto a separate stand and sell them for a very minimal amount. This is far more eco than just binning everything in sight.  The worst thing would be that the staff never got offered a freebie because at least that way some would have been put to some good use rather than the bins.

How can we Help?

We as customers of Boundary Mill can help in very simple ways by asking for fresh milk rather than taking the small plastic portions, as they will pour out fresh milk for you. All you need to do is ask them in a firm manner as if you don't then they will just simply say that they have run out. However, if you still insist some people may say "I'll check with the manager to see if we have any" and then somehow, they manage to find some. 

An alternative method would be to not take more napkins than you need, so only takecouple and if you need some more then come back for them rather than taking a large handful at once. That also goes for the condiments such as sugar and sweeteners. The Not so obvious option and that is to take them home its what I do if I grab 1 too many napkins, milk sugars etc as its technically not stealing because when you take it home you will recycle it. Last time I visited I did this and the people next to me questioned me as they said: "Are you allowed to do that?" I replied if not, they will only bin it so you might as well as it helps your purse, the planet + it may also give you a little buzz.☺

Please Join Me In The Fight to make Boundary Mill see sense and persuade them to recycle plastic bottles, and not waste, fully edible sandwiches, the real answer to this would be either donate them to a local food bank or a homeless shelter, or take a leaf out of the CO OP's book which is to sell them at a reduced price of 10p.

If you would like to show others that you support me then please Sign, Share and Spread this petition.

Thank You

 However, if you would like to go one step further then feel free to print off these posters and display them in your window to let others know what Boundary Mill is doing and that it is unacceptable. Remeber social media is the best method of spreading anything so please share as much as you want.

Boundary Mill Poster 1

Boundary Mill Poster 2

Boundary Mill Poster 3

Boundary Mill Poster 4

After you have done that please post your pictures of your posters wherever you have put them in the comments below.

Another very simple but effective way of communicating to Boundary Mill would be to tear up your privilege card (plastic) or your a5 sized discount card and send it Boundary Mill and tell them what you think.

Thank You Again

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