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When President Obama entered office in 2009, he announced a new era of openness, transparency, and specially of human right´s respect all over the world. ICE federal officials violate these rights of people who only seek to improve their lives with methods such as toruture, sedating, deportees in the night without  Court orders.

Immigrants have human rights and the programms ICE´s implements are afeccting whole communities, separating families, affecting their health and costing taxpayers billions of dollars by including the use of drugs.

Please uphold Presidente Obama´s promise of transparency and respect of human rights. America has grown great and powerful precisely because it is a conuntry of respect for the Law and people. ICE´s immigration enforcement programs must be humanitarian and according with the international human rights codes.

Presidente Obama, this was a part of your promise.

Letter to
Secretary-General of United Nations Ban Ki- Moon
US President Barak Obama
• Humane comprehensive immigration reform, as promised, has not been forthcoming;
• The detainment and deportation of undocumented immigrants continues to increase under your Administration;
• Deportees, especially those deported in the late hours of the night, must face hunger, illness, inclement weather and victimization by criminal elements in those points of deportation where they have no friends or relatives or other support networks to provide them humane treatment until they are able to get back on their own two feet;
• Night deportations increase one’s risk of becoming the victim of assaults, kidnappings, police brutality and other vulnerabilities given the unavailability of shelters, humane societies, etc.;
• Immigrants sedated without medical reason for your deportation. The US Government has injected hundreds of people with dangerous psychotropic drugs against their will to keep them asleep during the trip back to their home country, according medical records, internal documents and interview with people who have been drugged.

Therefore, we the undersigned urge you, as the Nobel Peace laureate (2009) to
• Show your compassion and leadership with one small token of your good will.
• Pass an Executive Order to stop immediately all night deportations to any point on the globe.


Citizens concerned about human rights in the world and
NGO members Angeles Sin Frontera.

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