Stop All Aboard Florida from using the FEC train tracks. They should build new tracks west of our towns without the use of U.S. Government backed loans or funds.

I work in Delray Beach where the trains have cost lives and contribute to traffic congestion on the East -West corridors. When this publicly funded train approaches Linton blvd the gates lower well in advance of the train due to casualties so I sit in traffic watching 6 lanes of traffic backed up over a city block long. After train passes you continue to wait for gates to open. This train is not safe on the east side & should be out west off I-95 where the population density is less. In Vero Beach the tracks go right through the historic downtown. The loss of life could be reduced by using tracks west of the towns. Also Miami to Ft.Lauderdale is over $20 dollars so how many daily commuters will this train be taking off the streets? I'm for safe affordable public transportation but this train is neither. Why is a train for the well healed getting public assistance in the form of no interest loans? The freight trains will have to run all night through our interrupted sleep to allow this tax payer subsidized scheme to work. SMH

David Holland, United States
2 years ago
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