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Oct 24, 2018 — 

This is KC Ingram Traylor and I wanted to reach out to you for a different reason.  Our children deserve the opportunity to ensure they have the best possible candidate to run the Martin County School District.  Martin County will vote on Nov. 6 to approve hiring/appointing our next school superintendent in 2020.  Please take time to review this important issue, and I ask that you join me in voting YES.   For more information, please visit and Facebook at

TC Palm Editorial Board recommends YES

Martin County Economic Council recommends YES

School Board Member Tina McSoley recommends YES



Shall the Superintendent of Schools be appointed by the School Board for the Martin County School District?

WHO CAN VOTE: Martin County residents


It's like déjà vu all over again.

In November, Martin County voters will be asked — for the fifth time since 1986 — whether they wish to change the way their school district superintendent is selected.

Currently, it’s up to voters; Martin County is one of 41 school districts in Florida where voters elect the superintendent.

In the other 26 counties the school board makes the call, and appoints the superintendent.

All four previous referendums on this issue, the most recent in 2010, have failed. Will the fifth time be the charm?

We hope so — and we recomend a "yes" vote on the question.

The ballot measure is not intended, nor should it be seen, as a referendum on the performance of current superintendent Laurie Gaylord. But there is a reason 99 percent of school districts across the country appoint superintendents; and it should be noted that prior to becoming superintendent, Gaylord — then a school board member — advocated for an appointed school chief, too.

As is the case in Martin County, the school district is often one of the biggest employers in a community, and the superintendent is the equivalent of a CEO.

The Martin County School District boasts a $305 million budget, yet, under the current system, the only qualification for superintendent is that the candidate be a registered voter in the county.

That’s it. That’s ludicrous.

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Time to change how we choose school superintendents | Guest column

Appoint or elect the school superintendent?

This is the question before Martin County voters in November. 

Should we change to an appointed superintendent? We at the Economic Council of Martin County believe the time has come to appoint a superintendent for two very specific reasons — and one that might not be so obvious.

It is time we take politics out of our children’s welfare. In today’s tough and troubled times, our future depends in so many ways on a school system that has more than 2,000 employees and 20,000 students, and a budget of more than $150 million.

Do we subject this vital part of our community to the whims of politics? Our current superintendent, when on the Martin County School Board, spoke eloquently about the need to remove the politics from this position and allow it to become an appointed position.

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Here’s how Martin County would appoint school superintendent

 have had a few questions about the process for hiring a superintendent for Martin County Schools. Other counties generally follow the process below, but our School Board would develop the process if needed based on election results.

-- Superintendent Laurie Gaylord would remain in her elected position until her term ends in 2020 and would have the option of applying.

-- There is no statute on how appointment happens. The elected School Board, with public input and discussion, develops the process with ample time to advertise, vet and hire.

-- The public is always involved and allowed in any board discussion or decision, such as: a vote to hire a consultant or a School Board state organization to assist in finding candidates.

The consultant facilitates advertising, vetting and aligning traits and background with board-agreed-upon characteristics. A consultant is in constant contact with the Board via public meetings and public records.

The board would vote on whom it wishes to interview from consultant recommendations.

Interviews would include a face-to-face with pre-selected questions and follow-ups by board members, staff, teachers, citizen groups, community leaders from county and city government, chambers and economic development.

Participants would have the opportunity to ask any relevant questions and give feedback. Input would be memorialized and presented to the board. Everything would be public record and open to anyone to view or read.

 A special meeting would be called to present finalists before a board vote. 

Contract negotiations would employ the School Board attorney as facilitator.

Although I am an exiting School Board member, I strongly encourage a “yes” vote to the proposal for an appointed superintendent.

As a member of the public, a taxpayer and a parent, I promise to do my part to ensure that our district hires the very best for Martin County Schools.

Tina McSoley, Stuart, represents District IV on the Martin County School Board.


Updates on the train will be forthcoming.

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