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Legal Representation For Persons Injured Or Who Have Died From The Injury And Persons Who Are Legally Allowed A Claim But Have Been Denied Due Process Because Of The Impact Wisconsin’s Tort Reform Has Caused.

On March 6, 2010, Richard Reginald Bloodsaw Hulsizer was exposed to a toxic cleaning solution named 3M Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 5. I had seen him that morning and I notice his eyes were usually swollen. I asked him what was wrong with his eyes. He mentioned there was an incident that caused it. He did not go into detail of what happened to him during the exposure. I am pretty sure he did not realize the danger of the exposure but he knew that I was very worried and concerned. Our discussion was that he would seek medical attention. He told me that he would.

From then on, we talked about his experiences he had on his initial call to his health care provider about the exposure and he left voice mails about his scheduled medical appointments and visits. When I would see him, I could tell that he was not well and he talked about being in pain. He had noticeable breathing problems.

His records show that from the toxic cleaning solution exposure, he experienced respiratory inflammation and irritation, and burning sensations and pain on his face and within his nasal passages. His nose, cheeks, and eyes were visibly swollen and discolored. He was told at the site where the toxic exposure occurrence to seek medical attention.

When he sought medical attention from his health care provider, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) in Madison, he had told the person on the phone about being exposed to flumes from a cleaning solution and the problems he was having and he requested to see his primary physician. The person did not assist with his requested nor was he advised where to go. He told me that the person was not trying to help him and did not offer any help. He told me that he was going to go to urgent care.

On March 7th, 2010 he went to GCH – SCW Urgent Care Capitol Clinic and seen by Theodore E. Haglund, M.D., his notes states an appointment this week for a visual screening test.

On 3/8/10, he had an acute eye examination by Brady Haferman O.D. at GHC-SCW Hatchery Hill.

On 3/22/10, He visited GCH – SCW Urgent Care Capitol Clinic, again, for medical attention. He was seen by Pamela Heilman M.D. She notes states that he had been exposed to chemicals and his hand and fingers and skin cracking and dryness, soreness and irritation inside both nostrils and small sores in his nostrils and dry lips and he was in pain. This most likely was around the time when I saw his hands were swollen and had cracks in them but no secretion. I told him that it was not normal for his hands to look that way. Richard would mention that he was in pain constantly. She requested him to see UW Ortho to have his knees re-evaluated, an appointment schedule 4/20/2010.

On 3/26/10, he called in on Pamela Heilman’s M.D. request. As a result, a phone conversation was held with Mark P. Huth M.D. at GHC-SCW Hatchery Hill and was advised to call if the knee pain worsened.

On 3/29/10, he went to his appointment with Jon Bohman PA-C at GHC-SCW Hatchery Hill. His notes state that he had pain and swelling anterior wrist and there was no previous history of it. Also, both hands are significantly dry and Contact Dermatitis. He recommended Richard be fitted for a wrist sprint.

On 3/30 2010, he had a wrist X-Ray at GHW-SCW.

On 4/2/10, he went to be fitted for wrist sprint a GHC-SCW Hatchery Hill.

On 4/6/10, he went to his appointment with a Dermatologist, M.D. at UW Health One South Park Dermatology.

On 4/9/10, he went to his appointment with a Dermatologist at UW Health One South Park Dermatology.

On 4/20/2010, he had a knee X-Ray at the UW Clinic.

On 4/21/10, he went to his annual examination (pre-scheduled before the incident) with his primary physician Mark Olinger MD at GHC-SCW Hatchery Hill. He noted his exposure to chemicals, weight loss and referred him to UW Hospital Specialist Dermatology for possible allergies. (When I saw him on April 15, 2010, he looked emaciated and I told him that he did not look healthy.)

On 4/29/10, he went to his appointment with the Dermatologist at UW Health One South Park Dermatology.

Richard had a Chest X-Ray when he arrived in the UW Clinic Emergency Department on 5/11/10 and transferred to UW Hospital on 5/12/10 and transferred to UW Hospital -Trauma and Life Support Center on 5/26/10 where he remained until his death on 6/3/2010. I was not informed that progression of Richard’s condition would result in death until two days before he died. During his hospitalization I learned that he had been exposed to a toxic chemical. One day before his I received copies of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which described what the toxic chemicals were.

They were unable to obtain a lung biopsy at the UW Hospital and Clinic, it was too late. The medical cause of death was Hypoxic Respiratory Failure and Organizing Diffuse Alveolar Damage.

This is only an overview on how Richard was treated by GHC-SCW after he had been exposed to the chemical. A layperson could easily recognize the failures by GHC-SCW and its medical and administrative staff. I have read medical procedures and information that would have saved his life. There were no guidelines followed them, none whatsoever. They did absolutely nothing to help Richard.

I cannot believe what has happened to my brother. I am in shock, grief stricken and my heart is broken. Richard was the most wonderful brother and human being. He really did make this world a better place to live in.

Richard was healthy and had ran 100’s of runs and marathons. He maintained a healthy life style. His only health concern was from the toxic chemical exposure. He had retired from the US Postal Service (USPS). Although he no longer worked at USPS, he retained his benefits including health and paid his premiums.

Since his death, I have been searching for an attorney. There are no safeguards to protect the general population in the State of Wisconsin for injuries and deaths impacted by Wisconsin’s Tort Reform Laws.

Let’s send the State of Wisconsin’s Legislature and Governor Scott Walker a message to let them know that our lives and the people we love lives are important to us and ask them to Repeal their Tort Reform Laws.

Anyone who has a license to represent this case, please contact me at

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