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STOP Airlines overbooking their flights

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Have you ever found out at the airport that you are a "standby passenger"? 

How did it make you feel?

Did the airline or their staff care about the impact it would have on your plans, family, budget etc.? Of course NOT.

I happened to be a victim of this horrendous practice few weeks ago by Wizzair. My seat was not getting allocated during check-in the night before the flight. Customer service did not want to help me over the phone and when I asked if it was possible that the flight was overbooked, they replied to not worry and reassured me that it will all be sorted at the airport the following morning.

What a lie that was! I was told at the airport that I was a standby passenger and that IT HAPPENS every day and that I will only fly if someone does not turn up for their flight. Noone cared that I had to fly that day because of important doctors appointment.

I was asked to wait at the gate until everyone boarded. It turned out that there was two more passegers like me. One was flying to see his ill father and the other one was travelling with his daughter that had a normal ticked. I was the only lucky one that was able to fly that day because someone was late and I took their seat.

Shortly after this incident, I found out it happened to two of my friends too.All this at the start of school holiday season, when most people would travel on their holidays.

To summarise, this is a disgusting practice that came from USA. Airlines have this clause in their Terms and conditions that you have to agree to , to buy the ticket. They reserve the right to overbook flights by 10% in some instances. Their explanation is that they do not want to fly with empty seats. But someone already paid for that empty seat anyway, so they basically want to make more money regardless of the impact it could have on their passengers. 

They call it "denied boarding" and offer compensations if they have to rebook your flight due to lack of seats.


Let's stop this awful practice, let's make the airlines aware that we are human beings and we buy tickets on certain date/time to fly on time, not with next flight or any other flight.

We are customers, and customers should be treated with respect.







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