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Stop airing shows of humans harming animals for profit/sport/food/fun/etc.

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Gone are the days when Animal Planet depicted such shows about the beauty of the animal world. Instead, Animal Planet has chosen to resort to showing senseless murder and cruelty to animals, turning this former sanctuary into a channel where, once turned to it, all you hear are terrified screams and crying from animals, as well as see human beings maiming, torturing and killing animals for profit, sport or unnecessary food.

Animal Planet once hosted such gentle giants as Steve Irwin, who would be appalled to see what kind of network this has become. Foulmouthed humans run rampant across the shows, killing animals and adding no value to the network, and certainly no value to the reputations of the supposed "pests" that they show being killed for no other reason but "because they can be", and often stand to make a profit of more than just thrills.

Together, we can stop this gross injustice, and reshape Animal Planet back to its former glory: a channel where animal lovers can watch all day and never see an animal harassed, tortured, and brutally murdered by a human being. We once came to this channel to indulge in the secret world of animals...not to see it ruined. 

These programs promote violence against animals to men, women, and children of all ages. Running these types of programs alongside animal rescue, animal-rights, and other beneficial types of programming is not only hypocritical; it cuts the message of loving our animals at the throat!


Sign this petition, and help the animals take back their planet!

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