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Stop air pollution in Delhi from burning of paddy stubbles in Punjab - save our children.

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Respected Prime Minister of India, Chief Ministers of Delhi and Punjab and Chairman, Delhi Pollution Control Committee

I urge you to immediately put an end to extremely harmful practice of burning paddy stubbles by our farmers in Punjab to get their fields ready for the winter crop. This is fast killing our children, the elderly and practically everybody who breathes this toxic Delhi air filled with particulate matter way beyond permissible levels. 

I will draw your attention to a specific case that I am personally related to. On Friday 30th October 2015, when PM2.5 levels started peaking alarmingly in Delhi air, I returned back home from work to find my 2.5 year old daughter gasping for air. Looking at her little rib cage go up and down frantically while her little, still under-developed lungs were on over drive trying to pump oxygen to the rest of her body reminded me of a fish who had been taken out of water and left to die on ground. 

I picked my little girl up and ran for the nearest hospital only to be refused admission. Thankfully, she was finally admitted in Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj and administered 6 shots of Levolin and Duolin through the nebulizer in two hours. I stood by her hospital bed looking at her and tried my best to suppress my emotions, even though my heart was breaking in two.

Before finally releasing her, the ER doctor prescribed steroids to be administered to her little lungs for the next five days through a nebulizer as well as antibiotics that are most likely wreaking havoc in her body at the moment while she rests at home, missing play school where she enjoys going everyday. As we all know, steroids are a class of drugs that doctors do not prescribe unless the situation is absolutely critical - considering the long term damage they do to the human body. 

That dreadful night, the ER doctor also mentioned that he has been treating 50-60 children every day at the two hospitals where he consults over the past 20 days or so.

I think you will all agree that nobody should have to go through ordeals like this where our own children wilt like uncared for plants by breathing the toxic air that we are giving them to breathe every day. If not burning paddy stubbles helps reduce the toxicity of Delhi air, I think we owe it to our children to at least try to do whats in our hands to salvage the situation. Please ban this twice-yearly deadly practice by Punjab farmers and put the perpetrators behind bars immediately. 

Mr. Prime Minister Sir - You said "Beti Padao, Beti Bachao", I listened to you. I am sending my little girl to school at a tender age of just 2.5 years. You said "Give up LPG subsidy so that our mothers and sisters don't have to breathe unclean smoke from chullahs", I did it. You said we should work to make Bharat Swachh, I did my part by cleaning my neighborhood. 

Now Sir, I urge you to act to make our air "Swachh" as well so that our little children can once again go out and play in the parks. I hope you will listen.

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