Stop Aggressive Cyclists + More Rights for Pedestrians in the UK

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This petition calls for the UK Government to implement more rights and protection for Pedestrians against Cyclists exhibiting abuse, intimidation and dangerous riding in public places including (and not limited to) cycle lanes, roads, pavements, public parks and shared footways in the UK.

Unfortunately many London Cyclists have zero concern/respect for Pedestrian Safety. Please see below the key issues which must be addressed for the safety of Pedestrians:

1. Cyclists shouting at Pedestrians and bullying Pedestrians out their way on cycle lanes, pavements, shared footways, parks, roads or wherever the Cyclist meets the Pedestrian. 

2. Cyclists (ironically the ones with helmet cams) happily jumping Red Lights and steaming through pedestrian crossings (almost running people over) and then LAUGHING AS THEY RIDE OFF.

3. Cyclists mounting the pavement at full speed and cycling at dangerous speeds in public places such as parks, pavements and shared footways.

4. Cyclists having safety priority over Pedestrians, since many cycle lanes are located on pavements, so the Pedestrians are the closest to the busy road.

5. Cyclists failing to yield for pedestrians. Prime example is the cycle lane in Vauxhall, London where the pelican crossing on South Lambeth Road/Langley Lane intersects with the cycle lane. Cyclists continually steam through at 20mph despite Yield Markers dotted on the cycle lane, putting pedestrian safety at risk.

The UK has given so much to cyclists; yet pedestrians are expected to be bullied on their only route of passage. Ultimately, there are no regulations in the Highway Code or English Law that protect Pedestrians against Cyclists in public places. Why should Pedestrians, dog walkers, elderly or disabled citizens, parents walking their kids to school and vulnerable people be marginalised by Cyclists that cannot control their egos or the manner in which they are cycling?

If you feel the same, or have experienced multiple incidents like myself, please sign and share this petition for a safer pedestrian experience in the UK.