Stop Agakhan's financial abuse of Canada

Stop Agakhan's financial abuse of Canada

28 June 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Salim Lalani

We are concerned about tax fraud allegations against Agakhan and his followers.

These allegations have been publicly made by an Australian national Mr. Salim Lalani, an ex-member of Agakhan cult on his YouTube channel, God and Money.

Salim Lalani - YouTube

God and Money: The Secret World of Aga Khan - Introduction - YouTube

The depth of his knowledge on the closed-door cult, and the evidence of betrayal of his own people and tax payers is overwhelming.

It is alleged that Agakhan appoints institutions to indoctrinate people into believing he is God on earth and needs to be paid 12.5% of their incomes in cash. As a result, hundreds of millions change hands as “gift” to Agakhan. His representatives collect the cash in Jamatkhanas (Jk), Agakhan place of worship.

These funds are then laundered to Agakhan Swiss bank account. This activity was first discovered in 1991 by US and Canadian authorities resulting in the imprisonment of his followers. However, the instigator and the beneficiary of the laundered money, the Agakhan remains untouched.

God's Money - Aga Khan and Ismaili community money laundering case as aired on CBC - YouTube

As per Ismaili Constitution he is legally responsible for all JK activities. 

We are aware that gifts are not taxable in Canada, but they are taxable when they are:

a) Recurring

b) Flow from personal income

c) large transactions

d) Given in return for a promise of happiness here and hereafter.

We attach a sting video during a secretive meeting where thousands are offered without a receipt.

Agakhan has supervised these activities since he took over as the cult leader in 1957.

Therefore, we urge CRA to conduct a full-scale investigation into this underground mafia and keep the principal petitioner, Mr Salim Lalani posted on the progress.

His contact details are:

Whatsapp: +61426817272


Mr Lalani, the whistle-blower is willing to fully co-operate with the authorities.


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Signatures: 193Next goal: 200
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