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Stop adding to Facebook groups without the permission!

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Briefly and on the matter:

  1. Now in Facebook users can add Humans to groups without their permission.
  2. At the same time, there is article 20, paragraph 2 of the UDHR: "No one may be compelled to join anassociation".
  3. We can not force the Facebook to follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And don't need this. However, we can ask Mark to deal with this problem humanely, on the grounds that we, and Mark, may also be Humans; and Humans have Rights.
  4. Human Rights are first of all, the need of the Human beings themselves. If it's not for you, please pass this information on to Human you know. Thank you!

Full letter:
Hello dear Mark.
I'm very annoyed when I am added to Facebook groups without my permission. Sometimes it happens several times a day and I have to spend my personal time to react to a persuasive service that I did not order.
I understand that this is your business and you are free to do it as you see fit ... almost. You see, the thing is, I'm Human. And like all the Humans on this planet, I have the rights declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN resolution on December 10th, 1948. And among other things, the list of these Rights includes article 20, paragraph 2, guaranteeing me and other Humans that we can not be included in any association without our consent. And now, in the current functionality of Facebook, there is the possibility left to ignore this right by other users.

Something does not play well, Mark. Perhaps you are not familiar with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? It is placed under the link here.
Maybe you do not think of me and other users as of Human beings? Tell me, please, how do you want to be shown this to you? Or there is no way ..? and we are for you simply faceless figures in the reports, dead silent "users"? No Mark, we are Humans and we have Rights!

In your message "Building global community" on February 16, 2017, you ask the question: "Are we building the world we want?". Who are these "we", Mark? I, the Human being, build the Human world. For real humans. Here and now. For yourself, your family, friends, close and distant, but always Humans. Not "citizens", not "subjects", not "users", but we are the Human beings in the first place. And in this construction, who do I need? Mark-functionary, Mark-director-of-Facebook? Or Mark the Human with whom we build the humans world together, shoulder to shoulder? And in Facebook as well. Where else to start? If we can not, on a site controlled by simple algorithms, start building human relations, what are our chances for such construction in the real world, which is much less manageable? Where, if not in Facebook, shall it be more effective to develop Human potential and to promote equal Human opportunities? After all, it is this slogan that meets us on the main page of the website of Your and Priscila´ Fund. Fund, where you seem to be able to afford to be a human being.

Therefore, I ask, Mark-Human being, for your assistance in correcting the algorithm, which still allows you to treat me as a Human being deserves. If you need any help, please let us know this. If it's not for you to address this question, but to someone else, tell me, please, to whom? I'm sure there is a way out and the road will be mastered by the going.
The Human will win!
In each of us!

Thank you.

Petition sponsors:

Thank you for your human voice, brother or sister!

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