Stop abuse of power by the wealthy! Reunite Jonatan with his Indonesian mother Alex Tjoa!

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Swedish author Jonas Jonasson,
Jonatan's mother sends Jonatan many good books. How can we be sure that Jonatan receives the books and messages from his mother?

April 2, 2019, book package tracking ID:


Jonatan suffers from extremely abusive parental alienation and gaslighting. How can we help Jonatan?

Moira, a victim of alienation and a mental health professional:

"I was about eleven at the time. My first memory of my mother expressing outrage that I still loved my father was when my father took me out to lunch to tell me about the divorce and tell me what my life would be like after the divorce. I recall asking if it would be like a friend’s situation and he said yes. This friend enjoyed a good relationship with both parents and I recall feeling satisfied with this, and not feeling frightened at all about the changes that would occur in our lives. When I came into the house my mother immediately asked me how I felt and I said fine and she burst into tears and raged at me for the first time in my life. She repeatedly stated that if it was her father who left her mother, she would be so angry that she’d never speak to her father again. I clearly recall thinking, “Uh oh, I’m not supposed to be okay with this.” I still remember my father being so surprised and confused the next time we talked and I expressed anger toward him and “outrage” that he was leaving us.

That experience marked the beginning of my mother’s systematic “brainwashing” of us. Each time I was with my father our relationship would return to normal as would my feelings for him. But upon coming home I was literally bombarded by my mother who fired questions at me asking me how I felt, what we did, etc. I recall her telling me that he was undependable, that he didn’t really care, and that if I still loved him it was only because he was brainwashing me!

This is what life was like throughout adolescence. Whether it was my mother constantly putting my father in no-win situations as proof of his horrible nature, or my mother telling my father (without our knowledge) that we didn’t want to talk to him because we were disgusted by him (and then getting off the phone to tell one of us that he didn’t want to talk to us because he was upset with us!), or her encouraging us to write our feelings in a letter to him that she said we would never mail, and then mailing it to him without our knowledge. My mother was also very indiscriminate in whom she bad-mouthed my father to—particularly anyone who expressed concern for him. Most people backed away from him because they just didn’t like the mess, which left us with the sense that she was immensely powerful, no one really saw the truth, so what was the point of fighting it. My father never bad-mouthed my mother. If we ever did complain about her to him, I recall that the most he would say was, “She hurts the ones she loves the most.”

Now here is something that I don’t think people can understand unless they have been an alienated child. After years of counseling that did absolutely absolutely nothing, and various people asking me if I was “okay” (I always said yes), my father (who had historically been passive and just backed away in response to my mother’s caustic behavior) finally approached me at about age seventeen and said that he was hurt by my constant rejection of him and that he felt as though I was being coached to hate him, and was being told things that were not true. He then asked me how I thought he felt in all of this. What is so odd is the effect this had on me—it was almost as if it allowed me to come out of a trance. For years I had just robotically repeated what my mother said, even though I did struggle with it internally, and my father’s direct but respectful confrontation of our relationship broke the trance instantly. My point is that there was nothing to indicate that my passionately expressed hatred and rejection of him wasn’t authentic, but it wasn’t and it was wiped away far more easily and quickly than I think anyone could possibly have imagined (even myself). I recall immediately feeling relief and a flooding of all of my real emotions for him. The experience is quite odd in retrospect, because I do believe at that point that I believed what my mother told me, but if I did then how was it that this gentle confrontation on my father’s part so easily broke though?

I agree with my father’s decision not to bad-mouth my mother, but where I think he made a mistake was in not confronting her mischaracterizations and lies earlier and not advocating for us more. I agree with you when you say that a passive approach is not always best. My mother had our ear constantly, and we had to “go with the program” in order to survive in that house, but we also didn’t have an alternate opinion—we didn’t have any other input to support our true feelings, thus it often felt like we weren’t strong enough to believe in our truth without some outside force to support it. When my mother would lie to us, my father was so afraid of burdening us with his perspective that he often said nothing. My aunt later told me just how grieved my father was and how my aunt would tell him that some day we’d “get it” and we’d come back to him. I just feel as though there were wasted years because I could have been convinced of reality much, much sooner had he been a bit more proactive.

A few more things that you might find interesting—my father was actually very easy-going, sometimes to the point of being passive, never raised his voice and was very reliable. Yet that didn’t stop my mother from describing him as angry, violent, mean, and unreliable, particularly when he attempted to stand up to her. I began to believe her characterization of him even though there was absolutely no evidence to support her allegations, yet in the absence of evidence my mother would create it, which made it very confusing for us children. For instance, after my father moved he would often send us airline tickets for a visit. Often they would never arrive and my mother would use this as “evidence” that he never followed through with his promises. I believe I was about eighteen when I found that cache of tickets hidden in a drawer in her room.

One more thing. The counselors in our lives did far more damage than good. My mother was wonderful at manipulating them, and we simply didn’t have a voice or the words to describe what was going on. It was far too scary for us to speak the truth (particularly when she was there in the room!) and all she had to do was go in, play the victim of an angry and abandoning man and each counselor bought it without question. I can’t tell you how many times my father was dragged in for counseling sessions while I was given a scripted list of my grievances to share with him. I also recall my father telling me later how confused he was because he didn’t know I felt that way—the truth is that I didn’t but did not have the words or insight to tell him what was really going on—part of me knew it was all a lie and another part of me worked furiously to believe the lies because it seemed easier and more convenient. I vividly recall a counselor hugging my crying mother by the elevator one evening after a session and telling her what a good mother she was. My mother used this as a weapon against us for years stating that a licensed counselor told us she was a good mother, therefore she must be!

My siblings and I are all very close and have talked intermittently about what we went through, although none of us knew until recently that this is something so widespread and systematic. I for one become so angry when I hear counselors or court advocates claim that parental alienation isn’t possible—that children can’t be brainwashed. I endured implanted memories and constant attacks if I exercised my right to have a different opinion or relationship with my father. Sometimes I agreed with her just to get her to stop, and ultimately I was not strong enough to manage the dissonance of acting one way and feeling another. So I changed my feelings to match my behavior to rid myself of the dissonance, but the truth never really left me and merely laid dormant until someone (my father) said something which resonated with my truth and validated my true beliefs.

I’d suggest to alienated parents to not give up, to see their children as co-victims, not as abusers allied with the alienating parent, to not assume that what the alienated child is saying is what they are feeling (even if the child doesn’t know this), to not confuse bad-mouthing with self-advocacy, and to know that the alienation may not be nearly as deep as it may appear. I think one of the biggest challenges alienated parents must face is that to navigate the crisis effectively requires almost constant counter-intuitive responses."


Dear Her Majesty Queen Silvia, H.R.H. Princess Madeleine, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, UN Women Sweden, CBS Films President Terry Press,
Please stop Jonas Jonasson's global FIREHOSE OF FALSEHOOD, #SaveJonatan, reunite Jonatan with his Indonesian mother Alex Tjoa as soon as possible. "König der Welt/King of the World" Swedish author Jonas Jonasson who is big in Germany cannot solve his own personal problem so he needs help from all strong women and men to settle his own problem. 

Thank you.


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”
― Mandy Hale



Wikipedia, please be aware. Don't be used as Jonas Jonasson's promotional and campaign channel to spread his global slanders. Swedish author Jonas Jonasson and his publishers and media cohorts conduct a systematic slander campaign worldwide that is deeply injurious to Alex Tjoa and her son Jonatan Jonasson Tjoa. For #SaveJonatan supporters, please also sign and share the following petitions to stop the global media slanders:
• Angela Levin and The Telegraph, UK. Read the letter that Jonas Jonasson himself wrote,, and compared it to what The Telegraph published.
• Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Rabe, Germany

When informed, Jonas Jonasson's Indonesian publisher Bentang Pustaka removed the slanderous element from its article,

In 2011, Jonatan's mother created a human rights petition at ( informing the Swedish prime minister about the Swedish government abuse of power. This petition was described by Swedish author Jonas Jonasson and his global media cohorts as stalking without ever mentioning the word "petition" at all to slander and destroy Jonatan's mother's reputation and livelihood and to mislead the public's perception worldwide.

Is it absolutely acceptable in Sweden for a Swedish school to be racist and partial in impunity to a colored mother and claim that a student's biological and legal mother is not his mother? How destructive it is for the student that the school states that his biological and legal mother is not his mother! The school has failed in creating a conducive and fair environment.


"I want to be as courageous as my mother, so that there's a difference. Saya ingin berani seperti ibu saya, agar ada perubahan. Jag tänkte att jag vill vara lika modig som min mamma, så att det blir någon skillnad." 
Swedish student Melly, 12 years old, #MoralCourage  


Swedish author Jonas Jonasson is the Hollywood, media, and publishing industry's gold mine.  UK has Jimmy Savile. US,  Harvey Weinstein. Sweden, Jonas Jonasson and his pack of hyenas, enablers—women and men who are willing to sell their conscience for money

'Pack of hyenas': how Harvey Weinstein's power fuelled a culture of enablers.
Harvey Weinstein’s Secret Settlements

Swedish school S:t Hansskolan staff, stop being Jonas Jonasson's enablers. Pat him on the back. Tell him to behave and reunite his son with his Indonesian mother immediately without any hassle. Stop the abuser instead of silencing and abusing the victim.

Don't be part of Jonas Jonasson's Malicious Parent Syndrome scheme, no matter how much you love his money:

1. Attempts to punish the divorcing parent though alienating their children from the other parent and involving others or the courts in actions to separate parent and child;
2. Seeks to deny children visitation and communication with the other parent and involvement in the child's school or extra-curricular activities;
3. Lies to their children and others repeatedly and may engage in violations of law;


"It is not uncommon for alienators to enlist family or friends to aid them in their pursuits. Further, they have no remorse as they recruit other individuals into this madness. In their mind, everyone and everything is expendable including, their own children. For a rational person, this is not normal and should be considered a sign of a defective personality or mental illness."
— David Shubert

"Swedish author Jonas Jonasson is punishing his very own son in his selfish, egotistical efforts to wrongly punish his son's mother Alex Tjoa. It is wrong and cruel for Jonas to deprive Alex of a relationship with their son. However, it is even crueler, and abusive, for Jonas to deprive Jonatan of the biological mother who has so much to offer and loves her son so very much."
— Linda Ann Long, USA

"Swedish author Jonas Jonasson is really doing Jonatan a disservice to not allow his loving and brilliant Indonesian mother to help with his learning and all the wonderful things that she would teach and guide him with."
— Cynthia Aldrich, USA

Swedish author Jonas Jonasson has separated his son Jonatan from his Indonesian mother since 2009 without any contact, not even a photo. Please sign and share the petition to #SaveJonatan, Thank you very much.

Penulis Swedia Jonas Jonasson telah memisahkan putranya Jonatan dari ibunya asal Indonesia sejak 2009 tanpa kontak sama sekali, bahkan foto pun tidak ada. Tolong tanda tangani dan bagi petisi #SaveJonatan, Terima kasih banyak.


November 28, 2014: Jonatan must be reunited with his Indonesian mother. Jonatan harus dipertemukan dengan ibunya.

Stern, Germany, March 31, 2016,
"The courts ruled that the mother and her son were not allowed to see each other. Never again. In the interest of the boy.
Die Gerichte entschieden, dass die Mutter ihren Sohn nicht mehr sehen durfte. Nie wieder. Im Interesse des Jungen.
Pengadilan menyatakan bahwa ibu dan anak tidak boleh bertemu. Tidak pernah lagi boleh bertemu demi kepentingan sang anak."

The 55-year-old Swedish author Jonas Jonasson “wasn’t prepared” so the child cannot meet his mother. Penulis Swedia Jonas Jonasson yang berumur 55 tahun "tidak siap" sehingga seorang anak kecil tidak dapat bertemu dengan ibunya.

The judge says the social services' perjury evidence ( comes from the air. Hakim menyatakan bahwa bukti bohong di bawah sumpah petugas social service adalah khayalan.

Alex Tjoa is not Jonatan’s mother. Alex Tjoa bukan ibu Jonatan.

"Today I call myself a feminist. Hari ini saya menyatakan diri saya seorang feminis."
— Jonas Jonasson

#SaveJonatan #ThisIs2016 #InstitutionalRacism

Dear S:t Hansskolan rector, teachers, parents, Minister for Education Gustav Fridolin, Minister for Children, the Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér, Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven,

We, parents and children, from around the world are aghast by the treatment that Jonatan's mother received in front of S:t Hansskolan in Visby, Sweden, on Wednesday, October 12, 2016. Alex Tjoa is Jonatan's biological mother whose custody rights have been robbed from her due to perjuries and government abuse of power which all Swedes must be ashamed of.

Alex Tjoa who lives at Hästgatan 11E inside Visby City Wall has no intention to kidnap Jonatan. Nor does she have any intention to disturb other children. She just wants to see her own son whom she has not seen for years, not even through a photo. How do you feel if your biological parenthood is blatantly denied and you are banned from looking at your own children?

We would ask that you listen to your inner voice and conscience to help Alex Tjoa and her son Jonatan. We are fully aware that at this moment Jonas Jonasson ( is a media favorite and everyone loves to be a celebrity's friend. He is also one of the biggest taxpayers in Sweden due to the exponential sale revenues that his books bring, but let us not allow money and gratis autographed books to eliminate our conscience.

We are sure that you would do everything possible to have your child restored from illegal custody if your only child that you love dearly were robbed from you unjustly and without due process of law. We request that you would respect the courts ruling and that Alex and Jonatan's Chinese-Indonesian family members would be allowed to see Jonatan and watch his progress.

As a highly knowledgeable and morally courageous human rights activist with decades of service to mankind, Alex Tjoa has given Jonas Jonasson many valuable ideas for his first book, but ironically she has to endure indescribable and immense abuse in the Nobel Peace Prize country of Sweden due to the desires and control of Jonas Jonasson who separates their son Jonatan from his mother Alex Tjoa since 2009 without any contact by using perjuries ( and defying the Swedish Court of Appeal's decision.

Alex Tjoa asks our help to reunite her with her son Jonatan and to regain the shared custody that she had in Switzerland. She has no intention to gain a full custody of Jonatan. She believes that it is for the best interest of Jonatan to have equal access to both of his biological parents. As a descendent of a Chinese-Indonesian, Jonatan has the rights to know and learn about his cultural background so that he can grow to be a well balanced human being who can contribute positively to the society.

Alex is also a very talented photographer ( with an international recognition. Her works have been published in various publications. Femina, the largest women's magazine in Indonesia, and a respected newspaper Nova ( have published the story of #SaveJonatan ( The citizens of Indonesia are deeply disillusioned and shocked by the absence of due process of law and the heartless government abuse of power that Alex Tjoa has to endure—a far cry from the Swedish government's international branding as a country that respects women's rights. Here we are witnessing nefarious and blatant racism and xenophobia that separate an innocent child from his beloved Chinese-Indonesian mother.

It is our hope that you can join the friends of Alex Tjoa from all over the world to give her and her son justice and fundamental human rights. Let's work together to make this world a safer and better place to live in for all races.

If Alex Tjoa's parenthood continues to be ferociously denied by S:t Hansskolan rector and teachers who are blinded by fame, money, and white supremacism, we demand that a DNA test is conducted despite an extremely striking resemblance between Jonatan and his Chinese-Indonesian mother. Jonatan's straight dark hair and big dark eyes all come from his mother. Denying Alex Tjoa's parenthood is a breach of the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Loving parents and children



"I have studied the material you sent me and I share your critic of the judges and the social workers. I would like to send the material to a friend of mine, Lars Bagge, who is a professional psychologist specialized in family relations. He shares my view on arbitrary courts and social services in these matters. But of course, I need your consent to involve him."



"Read through the material and listened to the hearing regarding Alex's custody battle with Jonas. So damned typical and biased. Very devastating! Excuse me but I get so upset about the amateurism that thrives in the Swedish social system and the administrative courts.
Läste igenom materialet och lyssnade på förhandlingen ang Alex vårdnadstvist med Jonas. ”Så djävla typiskt och partiskt så de ryker!” Ursäkta men jag blir så upprörd över den amatörism som frodas i det svenska socialsystemet och de administrativa domstolarna."


"I have worked with one of the social service workers [in your case] and been a victim of her lies.
Saya pernah bekerja dengan salah satu petugas social service [dalam kasusmu] dan menjadi korban kebohongan wanita itu.
Jag har arbetat tillsammans med ett av de sk stödjarna och varit utsatt för hennes lögner."
— Monica Ullmark, Gotland, Sweden

"It is easiest to steal children from an immigrant family who does not master the Swedish 'bureaucratic' written language to defend themselves.
Paling gampang menculik anak dari keluarga imigran yang tidak menguasai bahasa birokratis Swedia untuk mempertahankan diri mereka.
Det är lättast att sno barn från en invandrarfamilj som inte har det svenska skriftspråket 'byråkratiska' att försvara sig med."
— Ove Svidén,

Court of Appeal's decision is for Jonatan's best, the child's best.

The fifty-five-year-old Jonas Jonasson's decision is for his own best. He "WASN'T PREPARED" so a child must suffer. And now the Swedish school ferociously denies that Alex Tjoa is Jonatan's mother.

November 28, 2014



[ENGLISH: Before the interaction, Jonatan must be prepared to meet her mother, among other things by getting some letters and photographs that his mother sent him as well Christmas presents. The parties' objective is that by using the Family Court will try to arrange the first meeting between them, Jonatan and Family Court before Christmas so that Alexandra Tjoa should be able to hand over the presents [Christmas presents since 2009]. If it is not possible for the Family Court, the Christmas presents [since 2009] should be handed over from Alexandra Tjoa to Jonas Jonasson.]

Av utredningen i målet framgår att parterna – utöver överenskommelsen i umgängesdelen – även är överens om följande: Parterna ska snarast påbörja samarbetsavtal hos Familjerätten och dessa samtal ska fortgå under den tid som Familjerätten rekommenderar. Parternas intention är att umgänget, när de och Familjerätten anser att det är lämpligt, ska övergå till ett dagumgänge utan umgängesstöd och därefter till ett umgänge med övernattning. Jonatan ska inför umgänget förberedas på att få träffa sin mamma bl.a. genom att få del av brev och fotografier som hans mamma skickat till honom samt julklappar. Parternas målsättning är att man med hjälp av Familjerätten ska försöka ordna ett första möte mellan dem, Jonatan och Familjerätten redan innan jul för att Alexandra Tjoa ska få möjlighet att lämna över detta. Om det inte är möjligt för Familjerätten ska gåvorna överlämnas från Alexandra Tjoa till Jonas Jonasson.

Det som Alexandra Tjoa och Jonas Jonasson nu har kommit överens om i fråga om umgänge enligt vad som framgår av hovrättens domslut får anses vara till Jonatans bästa. Det finns därför förutsättningar att besluta i enlighet med deras överenskommelse i denna del.




Joakim Blom is the social service worker who wrote slanderous reports about Jonatan and his mother in 2011-2012. His team from Gotland (Yvonne Oloffson, Lisbeth Gunilla Margareta Crusell) committed evil perjuries ( in Stockholm court with impunity.

March 24, 2015

Dear Alex,

When we met at familjerätten [family court] for the "samarbetssamtal" [cooperation dialog] we talked about that a schedule would be made when both of you let me know that you were willing to participate in "supported visitation", umgängesstöd. Jonas Jonasson wrote in his mail of 2015-03-10, with a copy to your mail adress, that he WASN'T PREPARED to be part of such meetings with Jonatan.

He wrote in his mail "..för sonen Jonatans bästa inte låta det överenskomna umgänget med umgängesstöd verkställas." [forJonatan's best the agreed visitation cannot be enforced], and as we se it, meetings with you and Jonatan can only be arranged if both you and Jonas Jonasson are willing to be part of it.

I would guess that it is essential that the both of you in some way agree on a solution that makes it possible to make a plan together for Jonatan that you both agree on to make this work.


Joakim Blom
1:e familjerättssekreterare
Tel: 0498-26 88 87, 0737-65 87 88
Region Gotland
SOF, IFO, 621 81 VISBY



"Alexandra's claim that the social service workers have acted unprofessionally and committed "perjury" [] appears to come completely from the air."
— Judge Mikael Mellqvist, Visby, Gotland, Sweden



Alex Tjoa is not Jonatan's mother.

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