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stop abham battery storage

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Support our community against its land being destroyed to make money for investors!

One of the largest battery powered storage units in the world at 49MW is being built on organic soil association land in the heart of the South Hams, when there are other brown belt exiting industrial sites suitable.

We say this will affect the environment unnecessarily and is only being built there for financial gain - the landowner is leasing the land at a better rate.

We say, take it to brown belt, don't industrialise the countryside.

Great idea, wrong site!

 More details -

A new and small investment company have gained planning consent subject to a section 106 to build a 5.2 acre battery storage site in our community. It will create noise, traffic through 6 axle lorries, get rid of greater horseshoe bat and newt population and ruin organic soil association land. There are 7 other alternative industrial brownfield sites which are suitable but this was chosen because it was cheapest and with a willing landowner and the company who want to make the money from the site wanted it to get through the planning process so they could bid to sell to the national grid.

The company is 2 years old and this is an experimental project happening on organic farmland. This is not tried and tested - they have no experience of building a site before and there are no insurances that they will maintain or decommission the damage they have done if it fails or technology moves on.

South Ham Organic soil association land will be left with acres filled with 39 x 3.8 metre high sheds with air conditioning units and a transformer. This storage unit at 49 MW is described by the FT as 'one of the biggest in the world'. Other proposals such as one in Yorkshire were turned down due to similar reasons and other environmental concerns such a Lithium ion leakage. Concerns also include excessive noise. 

Despite all these concerns and the parish council veto, planners still approved it without specialist knowledge on the impact on the environment by a project of this type. Although battery storage is a way ahead for renewable energy (it will store energy from all sources not just renewables), there has to be various legal and technological hurdles and safety nets in place - and one of those is the way energy storage is treated within the planning system. How are these planners qualified to know about long term impacts, in the short space of time it was quietly rushed through? 

There is nothing to be gained for the community or the environment - it doesn't create employment nor affordable housing, it simply decimates the countryside which is contrary to their local area plan.

The green party candidate Jacqui Hodgson stands behind us that this should be built on existing industrial land and the only reason it has been approved for the countryside is to do with financial gain. 

Your support will be greatly valued by us all - thank you - we want the normal everyday citizen to be able to have a say/ it certainly hasn't happened so far! Your support will also protect the environment and help keep the British countryside green.

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