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Stop a GOP Takeover! Let's Keep the Senate Blue!

7 of the 21 Democratic-held seats up for election in 2014 are in states Romney won in 2012. A swing of just six seats would lead to a GOP takeover. We can’t let that happen. Act now to show your support for the DSCC’s efforts to keep the Senate blue. 

Right now, extreme Republicans have a real chance to take over the Senate. Their special interest allies are blanketing deadlocked Senate battlegrounds with deceitful attacks, and they’re gaining ground in key states.

If the Republicans seize control, they’ve threatened to drastically roll back health care reform, demolish environmental protections, and ram through an outrageous agenda attacking women’s health.

It’s absolutely essential that we do everything in our power to fight back and keep the Senate in Democratic hands. If we don’t, Tea Party Republican extremism could soon control Washington.

Stand with President Obama and Senate Democrats in opposition to the extreme Republican agenda and keep the Senate blue in 2014!

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