Stop 5G rollout in Cape Town, South Africa.. and while we're at it, the world.

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A war is coming, or has already begun. 

Our health is under threat on many if not all levels (depending on proximity).

Wireless technologies (microwaves) have been shown in countless peer reviewed studies (links below) to have negative effects on human health, be they minor and debilitating, or severe. 5G now poses the greatest threat with extremely high frequency, short range antennas almost everywhere.

The rollout has started around the globe with a suspicious urgency on the part of the corporations responsible. To the point of legal immunity from appeals from concerned communities. However, some have succeeded in the USA and hopefully will have an easier time elsewhere.

Something to consider is that when 4G was rolled out, the legal limits of exposure, which are not properly researched and are controlled by private companies with industry interest, were increased. Now they will be increased further to accomodate 5G. So we have a situation where private interests are controlling poorly researched limits that may have always been plenty damaging to our health. Now they are just going up again.

We do not need a future where we need not lift a finger while our microwave infested homes figure everything out for us, saving all our data for targeted advertising and... let's not speculate what else. 

My investment in this, other than the wellbeing of all (which includes myself right?) comes from a personal sensitivity to this radiation. I have had various effects proven to me empirically over and over again by my own nervous system (blind/accidental tests). The literature, however, is more than sufficient to convince anyone, whether they feel low level effects or not. This is all in a pre 5G world. It is only going to get more serious.

A new 5GHz wifi system has gone up across my home town Kalk Bay, Cape Town, bringing the familiar brain fog, anxiety, restless sleep and strange fluctuating headaches back into my life. I have never been able to be near wifi for long due to this. There are millions of people around the world who have reported issues with wifi, but the noise is getting MUCH louder with the rollout of 5G. Ringing ears, bleeding ears, skin rashes and other lovely conditions have been reported after the installation of cell towers. These are immediate effects, not to mention the long term cancer and infertility concerns. 

We do not need this technology. We did not ask for this technology (progress is very subjective) and some of us outright cannot live a life worth living with this technology.

Please try to take 1.5hrs to watch the full documentary, Resonance - Beings of frequency

Here is the recent TED Talk by an ex silicon valley engineer - Wireless wake-up call

A Daily Mail article clearly not covering anything up for the powers that be -

Here is a news release including the report about firefighters who encountered issues when towers were placed close by (our kids aren't quite firefighters yet). Note the attitude of the politicians protecting the corporations - 5G Danger Radiation Is Coming

A rather disturbing selection of words showing more of the political/corporate attitude towards the concerns/science -

Concise resource of peer reviewed studies -

For those (most?) of us who cannot quite stomach that reading, here is a nice video by a level headed techie going through 2 key studies - 5g is just the tip of the iceberg

General website for articles related to 5g (some may seem alarmist, some more realistic than we'd like to admit) -

Some great info from the popular Dr Mercola - Are you allergic to wireless internet?

Finally, a rather disturbing bit of news - Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, The Netherlands