SBU residents should NOT be financially liable if residence halls close due to COVID-19

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The Stony Brook University housing portal states that "residents will continue to remain financially liable for their space even if the residence halls have to close" for the Fall 2020 semester. Why should students be forced to pay thousands of dollars for a space they cannot live in? For many students, housing and meal plans are the most expensive part of overall semester costs. Having to pay for them when they will not be used makes no sense. COVID-19 has presented millions of Americans with extreme and unimaginable financial hardships. It is cruel and unfair to refuse reimbursement of housing and meal plan fees in the middle of a global pandemic. We understand that the university lost a lot of money during the Spring 2020 semester due to coronavirus, but this is not a reasonable or fair solution for that. 

Binghamton University, a SUNY school just like SBU, released the following statement regarding student housing. "In the event that Residential Life terminates housing due to public health concerns, the University will offer fair and reasonable reimbursements." If Binghamton University can do this, there is no reasonable excuse for Stony Brook University to do the opposite and withhold thousands of dollars from students in the middle of a global health crisis.

We, the students of Stony Brook University call on the University to:

  1. NOT hold residents financially liable in the case that residence halls have to close due to COVID-19.
  2. Reimburse housing and meal plan fees to all residents if residence halls close due to COVID-19.
  3. Provide a reasonable refund to cover the remainder of the semester should an outbreak occur.

We demand that Stony Brook University responds and takes action by July 28th, 2020 before the housing intent form is due. We do not expect you to go far beyond, but instead expect you to meet the bare minimum of human compassion and empathy.  

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