Save McArthur st park - retain its wooden, imaginative design!

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Help us keep the McArthur st playground wooden!

Help us keep it the unique place our community has come to love and cherish. We (the parents of young children in Stonnington) want to keep the beauty and simplicity of a wooden structure and nature play style playground. We want to ensure that the future generations of young children will be able to experience the amazing playground that is the Pencil Park with all its natural play equipment and imaginative play it has to offer. 

McArthur Park needs to be redeveloped due to it being over 30yrs old, but the proposed councils metal and steel structure completely changes this park from a nature play and imagination stimulating environment into a generic (albeit custom designed for the space) playground. We don’t feel it caters to toddlers nor matches the quality of play of the current wooden structure. 

Recently some local parents had a meeting with the project managers to voice our concerns, we didn’t reach our goal of changing the proposed metal structure to wood nor upgrading the quality of imaginative play. They told us the design is what people want, we want this petition to show them it’s not.

If you think the new metal design is inappropriate for this park and would like to see McArthur St playground maintain its unique and loved toddler friendly wooden structure (replaced but kept completely wooden and toddler/baby friendly), then please help and sign the petition.


Some specifics of the new design:

  • The pencils, tree, bbq, picnic benches and all surrounding landscaping is staying. 

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