Ask Stonemark to rescind their eviction notice to Square Peg Ministries

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Square Peg Ministries has been given an apartment in the Oaks at Holcomb Bridge (formerly Concepts 21) apartment complex for 18 years.  We, with some wonderful volunteers, have consistantly served the at-risk children there by providing homework help, Kids Bible Club, and middle/high school ministry in small groups. In addition, we host several special events during the year, blessing our kids whenever we have the funds (100% donations) and the opportunity!  

Due to a change in management at the complex, they want to kick Square Peg out of our home for 18 years.  They are refusing to acknowledge the decade-long relationships built with the families, the safe haven that the apartment is for these kids, and the value that we bring to this high-crime community.

When approached about this decision, the management company stated that this is a safety/liability issue and not a rent/income issue.  We at Square Peg understand their concerns.  We, also, want to protect these kids; and we have been doing this for years, way before Stonemark bought the property. We have our own robust insurance policy, are an incorporated 501(c)3 nonprofit, and do a thorough background check on our volunteers. We are vigilant about having 2 or more volunteers with the kids at at all times.  We avoid evil as well as the appearance of evil. We are also "eyes on the ground" to protect kids from abuse, neglect,  and bullying. 

We teach our kids not just how very much God loves them (our main point!), but also basic character training as well.  We teach them to stand up for the weak, sound off against bullying, do their very best, and to treat others as they want to be treated - no matter what that person looks like.  

We are asking that Stonemark Properties resend their decision to evict Square Peg Ministries and allow us to continue to serve the children and families of their community. Please join us in this request!