More Diabetic Friendly Options in Movie Theaters

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Kristi Falk
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With the constant rise of diabetes cases in the country, more and more people are trying to reduce the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that they consume. All carbohydrates, including popcorn, raise blood sugar levels. In order to cater to those who are living with diabetes, it would be wonderful for movie theaters to offer some diabetic friendly items in the concession area. Many people are also turning to more of a ketogenic lifestyle to not only control blood sugar, but also to lose weight and improve overall health. I believe that giving people more options when watching a movie benefits everyone. When people deal with blood sugar issues, they can be hesitant to even go to the movies because they have to be so careful with what they eat. Either that, or they have to pack snacks that they can eat. I believe this option would be great for everyone, on many levels. Not only would this new product line show good will towards a community that needs these options, but it would also be a new revenue source for you. People do bring in their own snacks when the options available don’t fit their health and nutrition needs, and that is simply money lost. There simply needs to be some better, healthier lower carbohydrate options out there.