Backyard Chickens allowed in Stone Mills Township

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We have 4 acres of land in Stone Mills Township and have had chickens since we moved in 4 years ago. We bought 2 pigs for meat so we could feed our family without relying on the grocery stores. We have 4 kids that have been learning responsibility, respect for animals, and how to care for them. We also plant a large garden and the kids help us with that as well. They learn that we can use the shavings and chicken manure to help grow our garden after is worked into the soil.

We recently had a bylaw officer come to our property due to a complaint about our chickens being too big. They are a large breed chicken (Orpington) and are allowed to roam our property. We have no close neighbours that the chickens bother. We have now been told we have until June 12th to get rid of all of our animals. We have given away eggs and pork to people during this Covid Pandemic and haven't had to visit the stores because we have a food source. 

I'm starting this petition because there is no reason we shouldn't be able to have animals on our property. The Townships surrounding Stone Mills allows it as well as The City of Kingston. Everybody wants to support local but we can't raise our own food to feed our own families. I have 4 acres, but a postage stamp lot in the City can have chickens and we can't. Something NEEDS to change.