Stone Fabricators Alliance Members and other Industry Stakeholders : Help stop Silestone and related companies corporate trademark bullying - send an important message to Silestone

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As a concerned member of the Stone Fabricators Alliance I wish to help one of the SFA members by drawing attention to the issue listed below.  I believe the term "stoneworks" to be a generic industry term like "granite" or "marble" or "fabricator".  Please sign this petition so we may let Silestone (and related companies) know that you agree with this interpertation, and that in the future you may or may not chose to offer silestone products to your customers.  

It is my interpretation that enforcing a trademark on a generic term is detremental to our industry.  The larger this list the more attention Silestone may pay to this matter and hopefully we can let them know that we would all like to use Silestone in the future without hesitation! Sign NOW!~

As per the Stone Fabricators Alliance Forum:"I am writing here because I am in a difficult situation that I can't seem to find an answer for. I am being sued by a large corporation called Maple Terrazzo Marble & Tile also known as International Logistics and Distribution (Silestone) and also known as Stoneworx for trademark infringement. I attached a copy of the documents from the lawyers so that you can understand how ridiculous this is. The company suing me is called 'Stoneworx' my company is called 'Lauzon Stoneworks'. There is no similarity between the two logos. As you will see in the attached documents I spell Stoneworks as the Webster's dictionary does while they spell it with an 'X' at the end. I am a small shop with 6 great employees, my wife is the sales/ receptionist and I am the.. well that depends on the time of day as I do everything from programing to janitorial services. We are located in north-eastern Ontario 6 hours away from their shop near Toronto. They are a massive company with a 20,000 sqft shop servicing all the big box stores and plenty more. 

I have contacted 4 other companies so far in Ontario that have been sued by this company and they all gave up. One company spent over $30 000 and didn't even see a court room. One of the main reasons we chose the word stoneworks is because it encompasses all that we do. From counter tops to monuments, signage and a little bit of masonry. The thought of someone attempting to own the name of a trade is hard to wrap my head around.
My lawyer tells me that I can be looking to spend in the ball park of $100,000 to take this to court and that if I win, which the likely hood is pretty good that I may be able to get back 1/3 to 50% of my costs. Therefore I would have to put out of my pocket a solid $50,000 which for any small company is a lot of money. Remember this is the Canadian court system. 
I have 8 billboards on the highway which cost me $3000 ea. Full vehicle wraps. Signage and advertising like mad... stationary, BRANDING all of which add to huge amounts of money that I have put out through my blood and sweat over the years.
So thus far my options are become Lauzon Stonedesign (example)... change all the bill boards ect.. $$$$$$$$
or go to court and spend countless hours away from my shop (which never works out well for me) and still spend money that nobody could afford to."  Petition by me on behalf of:

Ken Lauzon

Lauzon Stoneworks
283 Hawn Dr.
New Liskeard, ON
P0J 1P0

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