Save Stoke Park Woods

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I started this petition to my concerns and many others about the works being done at Stoke Park Estates. The plans show extensive removals of the natural woodland, that will be turned into grazing land. There are many open areas in Bristol, but only few woodlands left. Like many others I use this estate to walk my dog, and the devastation I have seen so far has pushed me to prevent further damage. Since the cutting of the shrubs the M32 is more visible and it can be heard much louder from the Estate. 

The solution for me would be to get council to see the damage they have created and fix it. The workers have left behind rubbish and deep holes in the ground. As well as stopping further cutting and make them realise that we were happy with the park as it was. Cleaning up in our eyes were to improve the park not to destroy it further. The signatures can show the council how many people are against what they are doing. I appreciate many of you might not have the time to be writing extensive letters and handing out leaflets. 

Bristol prides itself in being a green city, why remove the greenery?