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Stockton Unified School District: 1.3 Million Yearly; 55 Students; Teacher's Paid $15 Hour: $600,000 Vanishes Each Year



Options in Education, Inc., is a taxpayer funded non public school for some of California’s most challenged students in San Joaquin county. This small school with fifty five students has gross annual revenues of 1.3 million dollars. Foster youth and others, many times require these specialized schools to assist them in their education goals to overcome learning disabilities, behavior and self esteem issues and social promotion.

 Teacher's are paid $15 an hour other staff make from $10-$11 and all have furlough days. No staff at the school can explain where all the funding goes; anyone that asks is fired. The school  lacks education resources to include areas in the arts, computer science, math, science, language, sports, drama, field trips, job skill and competency development; most students don't have books.

The school employed a convicted criminal that acted as the surrogate parent who steered students into this school.

Stockton Unified School District, has a major oversight role and must conduct a complete review for the past three years, 2008-2010; to access the school's finances and cirriculum

 By signing this petition, we are all asking the local school districts, state school officials, and most importantly, the non profit responsible to these youth, Human Services Projects, Inc. Board President David F. Scatena, to improve the education provided, assure the staff have the proper credentials, the school has an array of rich resources , account for the missing public funds and that it is operated transparently.


Please support these two petitions addressing the civil & due process rights of foster youth, medical neglect and Medicaid fraud.




Letter to
SUSD Trustee Area 5 David Varela
Options in Education, Inc. School Director Steve Bartles
Lodi Unified School District Board Director Bonnie Cassel
and 19 others
Lodi Unified School District Board Director George Neely
Lodi Unified School District Board Director Ron Heberle
Lodi Unified School District Board Director Joe Nava
Lodi Unified School District Board Director (appointee) Ralph Womack
Lodi Unified School District Board Director Ruth Davis
HSP, Inc. Options in Education, Inc. Ex. Dir. /Certified Group Home Administrator/MFT Margaret Harris Frederick
Lodi Unified School District Board Director Michael Abdallah
Lodi Unified School District Superintendent Cathy Washer
HSP, Inc. Options in Education, Inc. Chief Financial Officer Craig Frederick
SUSD Trustee Area 7 Steve Smith
SUSD Trustee Area 4 Jose A. Morales
SUSD Trustee Vice President Area 1 Gloria Allen
SUSD Trustee Area 3 Angel Jimenez
SUSD Trustee Area 2 Sal Ramirez
SUSD Trustee President Area 6 Sara Cazares
SUSD Superintendent (appointee) Carl Toliver
HSP, Inc. Options in Education, Inc. Board Director Penny Miller
HSP, Inc. Options in Education, Inc. Board Director, President David Scatena
HSP, Inc. Options in Education, Inc Board Director, Pastor Paul; Free Methodist Church Stockton, CA
As America's Most Wanted, John Walsh, has said, this is the worst of the worst; our neediest students treated like an ATM machine.

Options in Education, Inc., is a California non public school that serves some of San Joaquin counties most challenging students; students are referred to this school through an extensive process from regular public schools because the student requires highly qualified teaching staff, special resources and supervision.

Human Services Projects, Inc., operates this school; SUSD, Lodi Unified School District, San Joaquin County Office of Education, are the lead education agency (LEA).

Many of the students are from Human Services Projects Inc., Teen Triumph, a chain of group homes at an RCL 12, at $7,700 per youth per month with 36-youth. This special school, certified annually by Stockton Unified School District (SUSD); in 2008, had revenues over 1.3 million dollars with fifty five students, 2009 & 2010, revenues were similar.

Today out of the school's six "specialized" teachers there's only one who has the appropriate special education credential, four of the "teachers" only have un described bachelors degrees earning $15 an hour, the fifth, another unidentified lesser degree.

The school facility is leased at $21,000 a year; the school's operating on less than $400,000, a year, yet SUSD superintendent, Mr. Toliver, ignored state education code complaints filed earlier this year to audit the program and finances of the school for the past three years.

But those same school complaints filed with the San Joaquin county office of education ousted a convicted criminal who was illegally housed at the school for at least the past five years without fingerprint clearance, on salary with Human Services Projects, Inc., and acting as a surrogate parent making education decisions which included admission to this specialty school.

Tell SUSD Trustee President Sara Cazares & the Trustee's, that they must openly and publicly place recent education code-Uniform Complaint Procedures, on the January 10, 2012, agenda, and to assure these youth are getting the education they need and the public dollars and public trust is protected.

Foster, adjudicated, mental health, social services youth and other, must have access to the least restrictive school (AB 490) and should be given all the resources to mitigate any obstacles with preparation for a brighter future.

Don't let these scoundrels, the Frederick' ,with a vacation home in Arnold and an expensive home in Stockton, enrich themselves on the backs of poor kids with our tax dollars.

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