Immediately cease the give-away of pit bulls and pit mixes at the Stockton, California Shelter.

The story stated on here is not completely true or accurate . Painting the pit bull as fighters was MANY years ago. SINCE THEN early 1900s these dogs were used as " nanny dogs". THAT IS TRUE !!!
Offering free pits is inviting more criminals to get their. Hands on these dogs. They HAVE TO BE ABUSED & MISTREATED TO TEACH THEM TO FIGHT !!! These dogs were used in the 1800s in the wars as carriers & a part of the team !. They are NOT fighting dogs , with the exception of those who beat them & force THEM to fight, by starving & beating . Unbelievable cruelty !!!!!!!!!!
95% of those dogs are homed just do to a little love.
Doing this to them is insane !!!
They need homes, not tossed to someone as a piece of meat !!!!!!!!!

Billie flippo, Hollister, MO, United States
5 years ago
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