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Petitioning City Manager Bob Deis and 8 others

Stockton, California City Manager, Police Chief, Mayor, City Council: Replace Pat Claerbout with a Compassionate Animal Services supervisor

Under the direction of Pat Claerbout, Stockton Animal Services has been operating unlawfully, withholding veterinary care and killing animals both early and unnecessarily, for well over a year. Each "reform" produces new efforts to evade the law. We call on Police Chief Eric Jones and City Manager Bob Deis to replace criminally incompetent Animal Services Director Pat Claerbout with a compassionate and competent Director who will operate the agency lawfully and implement programs that save every healthy and treatable animal (the No Kill Equation). If the City Manager refuses to appoint an Animal Services Supervisor who follows the law, then we call on the Stockton City Council to replace the City Manager.

Almost 100 communities now save every healthy and treatable animal within their open admission public animal services agencies, and they do so within their budget. By continuing to violate the law and kill 70% of animals, Stockton chooses callousness and incompetence over compassion and excellence.

Stockton's continuing unlawful, cruel, and willfully incompetent management of Animal Services exposes the city to litigation and marks Stockton as a backward, callous community, an impression that is counter to the reputation needed for the city to become a vibrant business- and family-friendly community.

Letter to
City Manager Bob Deis
Chief of Police Eric Jones
Mayor Anthony Silva
and 6 others
District 1 Representative, Stockton City Council Elbert Holman
District 2 Representative, Stockton City Council Kathy Miller
Vice Mayor and District 3 Representative, Stockton City Council Paul Canepa
District 4 Representative, Stockton City Council Moses Zapien
District 5 Representative, Stockton City Council Dyane Burgos
District 6 Representative, Stockton City Council Michael Tubbs
Replace Pat Claerbout with a Compassionate Animal Services supervisor

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