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Dedicate "They Dance Alone" song in memory of Munir

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Call for Sting to Support Human Rights Justice for Indonesia
Dear Sting,
2004 was a tragic year for us, human rights defenders, civil society, and Indonesians, when Munir Said Thalib (Munir), Indonesia's prominent activist and loyal human rights defender was assassinated. Munir was poisoned with arsenic and died on his flight to Amsterdam. It was also the year when Indonesia held its first direct presidential election and Munir case imposed an imminent threat to the new democracy and government’s promise to uphold human rights and justice in the country.
Munir worked relentlessly in his research of the culprit behind massive disappearances and killing of civilians during Soeharto regime and the appalling facts had led to the termination (discharge) of a top army official, commandant of the elite forces, who were responsible for commanding the kidnappings. Despite this significant progress, Munir did not stop from revealing past cases of enforced and involuntary kidnappings and disappearances by the armed forces and New Order regime. When he was found dead on the plane in 2004, he was believed to be carrying loads of key information about the atrocities happened during New Order including list of potential perpetrators behind it.
A special fact-finding team established by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has not even successfully identified the motives behind Munir’s assassination as well as many other cases of disappearances. The perpetrators have not been revealed and justice is being politicized. Suspected military general was discharged from service, but he has not been legally prosecuted up until Munir's death, and not up until today. Many victims of brutal political disappearances and torture of opposition activists in the days leading up to the New Order downfall are now still unknown in their existence and location. Their families are hopelessly waiting for justice while suspected perpetrators walk freely and express interests in running as president in 2014 election.    
So what now? 
In your scheduled performance on 15 December 2012, we would like to request you to dedicate the song "They Dance Alone" in memory of Munir and to ask your fans not to forget him, our families, friends, colleagues, and fellow Indonesians who were disappeared by past regime, and to continue fighting against oblivions. We want you to inspire us as you were inspired by women dancing in the streets of Chile holding pictures of their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons who were disappeared by the Pinochet regime, and wrote the song.  We want you to join us in this noble cause as you did in calling the release of Pussy Riot band by the Russian authorities. We believe your activism and your faith in your songs will help magnify our cause to fight for justice and human rights protection in Indonesia. 

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