Increased Food Options at St.FX University

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My name is Olivia Conrad and I am a second year nursing student at St.FX University. I have lived on campus both years here at X and I have been continually disappointed with the food options on campus. I believe that students should have multiple dining options at all hours of the day and that only having one dinner option (meal hall) limits my experience here. The lunch options are only minimally better as meal hall and the Bloomfield Cafe are the only options and with only about half of the options at Bloomfield Cafe are you able to utilize a swipe (which I have paid a whole lot of money to have at my disposal). I believe that the students at St.FX are entitled to have at least 2 food options open on campus at all times or at least until midnight daily. The hours in which meal hall operates are unacceptable as classes run through most of the lunch hours and supper is so busy due to the limited hours that you spend more time in line and trying to find a seat than you do actually eating your (barely passable, already cold) meal hall food. I appreciate all that the staff of the sodexo team and other workers at the food locations (Starbucks) do to support and feed the students here at the university. And I fully understand that this is not an issue about the staff or the food itself. This is simply a request to the university to consider lengthening the hours of meal hall and the Bloomfield Cafe and keeping all hours at both within swipe hours so that students are not required to pay for food that they have technically already paid for. The options at meal hall are minimal and any dietary restrictions that an individual may have limit the choices exponentially. This makes it even harder to eat as not everyone with dietary restrictions like the same 3 options. The cafes on campus (Twelve, Keating Cafe, the MSB Cafe) are only open a fraction of the time and I personally believe it would be more beneficial to have things like Tim Horton's, Subway, etc. on campus as well as the Starbucks that has just opened. This petition is simply my way of trying to increase the campus experience for future students and hopefully myself. So if you are also frustrated with the dining options here at St.FX please sign this petition in support. If you are a St.FX student please use your St.FX email and if you are a member of the public you are still able to sign, and thank you to everyone for your support.