We want new news about Loki Series

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We want the disclosure of the cast and their characters from the Loki series.

During the 12 years of Marvel Studios, there has never been a production where they hide the cast and characters that will be in the film or series (ABC / Netflix / HULU)
we knew the moment they released the actors, the characters they would be playing, but with Loki that doesn't happen. 
Who will be Gugu?
Who will be Sophia?
Who will be Owen?
Who will be Richard E Grant?
Who will be Sasha Lane?
Who will be Wunmi Mosaku?
Will there be Enchantress / Amora?
Will there be Verity Willis?
Will there be Sigyn?
Will there be Karnilla?
Who will be Loki's love interest? Will he have more than one love interest?

In all past productions, Marvel answered these questions while starting production, in Wandavision too all answered about her life with her children and Visão, we don't want you to tell us the story of the series, but we would like to know if any comic that was the basis for Loki series, or all comics the above questions are not spoilers. The phrase I have for you is:
There will be a day when the desire to obtain this information will be a thing of the past and lose its value. Is that what you want?

We also want Verity Willis in the Loki series as his girlfriend him, and Lady Loki with blak hair we just love the character Verity Willis só much, she could be more than she is in comics, like a demon hunter , a Nerfilin. It's just a suggestion, but the preference is actress to play Verity is that the actress Mila Kunis play Verity in Loki Series. But we will be satisfied with another actress because we just want to see her with Loki.

If you can imagine how many years we have dreamed of a production about Loki, maybe you could imagine what we are feeling, sorry for any stupidity. And thanks for your attention.

Loki fans