Remove Uniforms at Westside Highschool

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There was recently a decision to assign uniforms to the dress code of Westside High school in Houston, Texas. There are many reasons uniforms have a negative impact on society and the people in it. For one, Students are more likely to be unsuccessful if they are uncomfortable in their surrounding. Also, students have been so irritated with the decision of uniforms it could lead to things like riots, or other harmful activities. Uniforms imply the idea that people are all the same, and that's not the case, everyone is unique and has the opportunity to express their personality using their clothing but uniforms take this away. One of the reasons people think uniforms benefit society is they think it reduces bullying but like it or not, bullying will more than likely still occur just focused on different things, for example the brand of someone's shoes, and whether they're fake or not. Yes, I will agree uniforms do have some benefits, but the negative impacts uniforms have make the situation worst. Westside has not come to the point where it needs uniforms for safety, but it has come to the point where students need to stand up for themselves and their peers. Please share this petition most you can to get the word out. Whether or not this works, we can try and do something about it and have the possibility of having our voices heard or we can stand back and do nothing. Thank you.