End Inhumane Immigrant Detention at the Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Georgia

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We are calling on you to end the detainment of the nearly 2,000 people imprisoned at the Stewart Detention Center, owned and managed by the for-profit company CoreCivic Inc. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, many people detained here, “were incarcerated simply for seeking asylum in the United States, which is their legal right.” Many are also denied their right to a fair asylum process. Only 2% of applicants at Stewart receive asylum in comparison to 47% nationwide. Immigration attorneys must travel long distances to see their clients, and the closest town, Lumpkin, provides little to no amenities for families who visit their loved ones. This isolation makes it difficult for asylum seekers to receive the timely support they need. Detainees are forced to work for minimal compensation and are kept in subhuman conditions. People have died due to negligence, as a result of medical complications that were not given proper attention, or by suicide. You are responsible for their lives and you are responsible for human rights violations by CoreCivic Inc. ICE contracted detention centers have been responsible for 24 deaths under the Trump Administration. Don’t let these circumstances continue -- it is time to close down the Stewart Detention Center.

Petition Co-sponsored by Paz Amigos and Indivisible Columbus, Georgia