Help this young family free themselves from homelessness

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Laura and Matt Winter and their children are a young, hardworking, wonderful family, who became homeless this week. They were in a privately rented house which has been sold. The problem is that they could find nowhere to move to within their limited budget because of their low income, and therefore they have been placed in emergency housing, but only for this weekend. They then have no choice but to accept the only option that the local authority have given them: another privately rented house in a completely different part of Stevenage, or homelessness and being struck off the housing list. The family cannot raise the deposit needed to find their own house because of their desperate financial situation, and this is the only one that the council will pay a deposit on. Ordinarily, moving to another part of town wouldn't matter, but it is a huge deal for them because they have a son diagnosed with ASD and ADHD, for whom change creates massive turmoil. He struggles with high levels of stress, which can cause meltdowns which make him 'bolt'. The house they are forced to take is on a main road, he will run into the road into oncoming traffic if startled or stressed. He will run away, into the road, or into the area which he doesn't know and which is not familiar to him. It does not have the safety features which are necessary for him, such as window and door locks, which they cannot afford to do themselves. Not to mention, this house costs more in private rental than the one they were forced to leave. Their son will suffer hugely from the stress and upheaval of not being near his school, his friends, his grandparents, and his familiar area. He and his family are being failed by the council, who have a duty of care to this vulnerable child. The family will not be able to keep up with the high rental payments, and will end up homeless again. What are housing association properties, council houses, and affordable housing for if not for people like this family? Please, for him, sign this petition which will be presented to the council and Stephen MacPartland MP on Monday, in the hope that they will halt the family's move to the far area of Stevenage, and leave them in their emergency housing until a more suitable, permanent home can be found for them. It takes a couple of minutes of your time, and costs you nothing. Thank you.

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