Put Trump On A Gold Coin

Every great ruler throughout history has had his face on a gold coin. Unfortunately a “federal law” prohibits living persons from being on U.S. coinage. Here’s why that needs to change.

Donald J. Trump is our most unique President. He is the first President in U.S. history who has never debased himself by being on the government dole, either through an elected office or through a government job. He has also never been in the military. Donald J. Trump’s loyalties lie with the common American and not with lobbyists or the military-industrial complex.

Additionally, Donald J. Trump is the first successful reality television icon to ever become President. Ronald Reagan was a movie star, aligning him with the Hollywood elite. Reality television is the people's television.

Trump said during his campaign, “I am the only one who can truly make America great again!” Tell the Federal Government to make an exception to Federal Law to allow for the creation of a gold coin bearing Donald J. Trump’s likeness. It’s time we honor this great man with an even greater gold coin!

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  • Treasury Department
    Steven Terner Mnuchin - Secretary of the Treasury

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