Steven Spielberg - Make Another Indiana Jones Movie With Nazis as the Bad Guys

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As thousands of young white men march under the banner of white nationalism in Charlottesville, it seems clear that we've failed as a society to properly educate youth about the history and vileness of fascism, and the Nazis in particular.

Growing up in the 80s, my generation had a clear-cut pop culture reminder that the Nazis are unequivocally the bad guys. Indiana Jones whooped Nazi ass on the regular, and taught millions of us that it is right and just to stand up against fascist ideology. And I get that times change, and that Indy might fight new villains (communists? aliens, I guess?), but right now we have a bit of a national emergency. The kids have forgotten, and they're being taken in by the slick Nazi aesthetic and backwards propaganda about the purity and necessity of white supremacy. 

We need to remind young people that Nazis, and by extension any lame American offshoot organization that subscribes to their views, are the losers. That there's nothing more American than to stand up to them. Our grandfathers did it, and we should to, and Indian Jones can help get that point across.

Steven Spielberg, Indiana Jones said it best- "Nazis . . .  I hate these guys."


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