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There are thousands of Australians that are stranded in foreign countries with no help from the leaders of the place we call home. We are requesting air crafts to be sent out to rescue those that are stranded immediately. I am writing this from Davao city, Philippines. I am just one Aussie among hundreds if not thousands stranded here in the Philippines. Some have been stranded for weeks and are running out of funds they desperately need to stay alive. Your fellow Australians are being denied necessities such as shelter, basic healthcare, access to food and fresh water.

Meanwhile foreigners back home are being provided for financially. The Australian government recognises that foreigners in our country should be provided for and are assisting them with flights to their home countries and allowing them access to welfare. 

We are calling upon our neighbours back home to open your hearts and spread the word about us here in the Philippines and other countries around the world! Hospitals have put out a notice that they will be turning people away as they are at full capacity already! There are pregnant women, elderly folks, young children and babies and let's not forget the hard working, tax paying paying Australians! We are not out of your reach!

Many other countries have coordinated with embassies to send flights and rescue their stranded citizens, it is disheartening to say that Australia if at all may be the last to do so. We are not asking for tax payer dollars to be spent here, we understand this won't be a free flight and have always been willing to shoulder the normal market costs!

Now before you make up your mind about us, please take into consideration that we are all in this situation because our only chance of coming home was taken away from us with no notice. There is a popular opinion going around that we ignored all warnings to travel and also ignored warnings to come home. Do not deceive yourselves into believing this because it couldn't be farther from the truth! You may not see it because news outlets would rather paint a different picture of us but from the moment we were called home, just like the queues at Centrelink, we were lining up at Airline office buildings, spending hours on the phone, sending emails upon emails to anyone and everyone in hopes to book a flight home! 

The harsh reality is that Australian citizens are suffering and will perish in foreign countries because no one took action! When the world has won the battle against this global crisis and the dust has settled, how many of you will be able to say you didn't look away while fellow human beings unnecessarily suffered and perished at the hands of greed and ignorance.

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