COVID 19 screening clinic with vulnerable spinal cord injured patients must be moved

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The COVID 19 screening clinic at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane is in the Outpatient Clinic Area of the Spinal Injuries Unit, also sharing entrances, elevators and stairs with the Inpatient Ward of the Spinal Injuries Unit. There are 40 beds in the unit. A substantial portion of the patients in the unit have quadriplegia and resulting compromised pulmonary function. These are all long term patients who spend months in hospital. The main cause of death of quadriplegics is respiratory infections. Having COVID 19 infected people anywhere near them is extremely irresponsible. Mr. Scott Morrison said recently that every Australian matters. The Queensland Government, however, appears to consider people with spinal cord injuries as expendable, by treating these vulnerable people with such complete disregard. We request that the COVID 19 screening clinic be moved to a safer and more appropriate location.