Children's Health over changing the name of the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

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Steven Miles you have your priorities so wrong.. as you know there are bed shortages at the Lady Cliento Children's Hospital.. it is horrifying to long term users of the hospital that money is being wasted at looking at a name change and not on increasing bed and staff levels..

My son after Receiving his chemotherapy as there were no beds available on the Oncology Ward 11b. Ryan is put on a couch for a couple of hours in the sitting area on ward.. his fluid pump had to be plugged in next to the sandwich maker.. Not a sterile location, no privacy, no emergency call button, no resuscitation and emergency response equipment, no toilet, not on the emergency back up power supply and NO BED! This was after spending 10 hours on the day ward having his treatment.

Cancer children often face delays of 8 plus hours in Emergency waiting for a bed, also long delays in treatment being received due to these shortages and often they are put in general wards away from the Oncology Ward, resulting in chemotherapy being done off ward.

You never think this will be you, Children's Cancer happens to other families, we thought the same but everything changed in one day no warning and you wake up in a system that is failing our children at a very vulnerable time in their young lives. 

Please sign this petition and send a message to the Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles and The Queensland Palaszuczuk Government that their priorities are wrong and our money should be spent on Children's Health not Branding.