Maintain the Overland

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Save the 130 year old Overland Train Route


The Overland Train service between Adelaide and Melbourne is scheduled to close at the end of March after 130 years of operation.

This is because the government doesn’t think it’s worth keeping.


Until recently South Australian Government put in $340k whilst the Victorian Government put in $3.5million.


The Marshall government pulled its funding first and now the Vic government is no longer willing to meet the rest.


This impasse means that after 130 years Australia will lose part of its well loved transport history. And once it’s gone it won’t come back.


I’m writing this petition because after a recent experience making a lovely trip on the train I was surprised at how little people knew it was closing.


Here’s my story.

I recently caught the train to Stawell for work.

I booked online and travelled for $70 to rural Victoria and, if it suited - I was able to return the next day to Adelaide for the same price.

This meant I avoided the airports, the parking, the car hire and all the costs (and emissions) that go with it.  I was able to travel in comfort, with good food, coffee and a beer if I wanted to. I chatted to people from the rural areas that only ever travel to Adelaide by train. I saw train enthusiasts who are campaigning to keep the service. I read a book, enjoyed the glorious scenery and got some work done.


The trip was great, on time and very reasonably priced. And it was FULL. Most of the services are!


Once this experience is lost I will be very sad to have lost it.


Please sign below and tell your local minister that you would like to see this service maintained.




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