Legalize Cannabis to help pay Covid19 debt

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Legalising Cannabis IMMEDIATELY for medical, recreational, fibre, textile, fuel and food usage in Australia would create a BRAND NEW TAXABLE INDUSTRY for our state/country. Since Colorado legalised recreational use, they have collected over ONE BILLION DOLLARS of state revenue in 5 years. Keep in mind that is just recreational cannabis, and does not include revenue from medicinal crops, by product fibre, hemp seed etc. Colorado has a population of 5.8 million people. When hemp was legalised, it only had a population of 5.4 million people. A population the size on Canberra moved to Colorado, creating a massive stimulus to the state economy.

The psychological health benefits of creating a brand new industry for South Australia/ Australia will far out weigh any negative health impacts from Cannabis itself. Getting our COVID19 debt under control means we can continue to fund our magnificent health system,

And of course medicinal hemp helps so many people, people that are wrongly still considered "criminals".

But there are other benefits too.

Textile and fibre creation will STORE CARBON. It will make us less reliant on imports.

Hemp uses a FRACTION OF THE WATER cotton uses, freeing up more water for food crops AND the environment in the Murray Darling Basin .

There are so many benefits in creating this BRAND NEW INDUSTRY.