Justice for Bobbie-sue

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Justice for Bobbie-sue

On the 5th of may my best friend Bobbie-sue got hit by a car. This has since led to a series of events that resulted in putting her down so she wouldn't be in anymore pain.

The night she was hit by a car and driven to hospital by a person unknown to me,  i was not allowed in to see my baby girl to make the detrimental decision that would have prevented all of the unnecessary pain and trauma she had to go through. If i was allowed to see her that night i would have done the right thing and put her to rest.
I was not granted that option.
I was told repeatedly that i can not see my pet due to Anzac Highway Animal Hospitals personal restrictions during Covid-19. 
No other vet i called seemed to be enforcing this.

The veterinary clinic  was fully aware that i didn't have the funds for their suggested surgeries, yet proceeded to operate on my pet without my consent. Anzac Highway Animal hospital are now holding her body at ransom until i can come up with the amount of $7,000. 

Holding anyone's dead animal for ransom should be illegal.
It has now been over 1 month and they have had her body sitting in a freezer when all I want to do is finally bring my friend to peace.

What i am trying to accomplish is to raise $500 for an animal rights lawyer and 4,000 signatures to put a bill across to The Veterinary Surgeons Board Association of South Australia and if necessary Parliament House.

I am hoping that every animal lover in South Australia could help me seek justice for my cat, then she would not have died in vain. NO other pet owner should ever have to go through the pain and trauma i have, whilst knowing my baby girl is sitting in a freezer for a businesses to benefit more profit.

Please take the time to sign this petition. we can make a change.
Please help me, Help Bobbie.


Thankyou kindly, tahlia.