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Hi, my name is Tahni. I’m a member of the Animal Justice Party and I need your help.

Incredibly, the South Australian government has given the green light for hunters to go duck shooting when the duck shooting season commences Saturday 28th March 2020, despite recommendations from health experts that we should be self-isolating unless absolutely necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I know that the majority of Australians do not support duck shooting, and I expect that like me, they will be up in arms to discover that this cruel activity has been allowed to proceed, particularly at a time when there are thousands of Australians doing the right thing and social distancing and/or self-isolating.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly stressed the importance of only leaving home for essential gatherings, and it is baffling that in a time when people are shutting down their businesses, cancelling weddings and postponing funerals, this cruel hobby has been deemed an essential gathering.

Australia has already lost a significant amount of wildlife due to unprecedented catastrophic environmental conditions including drought and most recently, bushfires.

Echoing the beliefs of the large majority of South Australians that wish to protect our precious wildlife, the Animal Justice Party has consistently demanded a ceasefire on duck shooting and calls on the Premier Steven Marshall and the Environment Minister David Speirs to do the right thing and call off duck shooting, effective immediately.

When you kill these birds, you have blood on your hands. We know that several countries in Europe are experiencing an outbreak of avian flu currently - we cannot risk any more danger to human lives or our wildlife.

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